Thursday, December 24, 2009

Best Music of 2009

Best Live Music Performance of 2009
1. Patrick Wolf at the London Palladium.
2. Patrick Wolf at the Middle East Club Boston.
3. Rufus Wainwright at the Merrill Auditorium Portland.

Yes, Patrick Wolf is an absolute GOD on stage. His shows were not only the highlight of 2009 they were the highlight of the past decade!

Best albums of 2009
1. Ravens by Tobias Svensson.
2. Plague by Jake Downs.
3. The Final Letters by Bark Cat Bark.
4. The Bachelorby Patrick Wolf.

O.k. I tried to limit the best albums to a 'top 3' but these four albums are all worthy of the top spot! If you'd like more info on these fabulous music artists please check out my previous blog 'Goth Folk'.

Best Live Dance Performance of 2009
1. Reawakened at the St. Lawrence.
2. Orient XXXpress at The Asylum.
3. Aepril Schaile & Guests Belly Dance Showcase at the Middle East Club Boston.

There were so many fabulous dance performances this past year! 


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