Thursday, December 3, 2009

Bitter Things just became oh so sweet!

Looking for a holiday gift for the vampire lover on your list?  The Kindle edition of Bitter Thingsby Andrew Valentine is now available for less than 50% off the original price! 

Michelle Papas vows to form a new connection with her emotionally scarred husband Scott after the gruesome discovery of two bodies in Central Park unhinges him. Just over a year later, through a seemingly chance meeting at a bar in midtown Manhattan, she discovers she and Scott share a fascination with Jong, an alluring woman who feeds on the desires of others. Michelle pursues the woman, and after the three partake in a night of passion, Michelle wakes up alone. Scott has disappeared, and what was meant to drive them together has propelled them apart. Enlisting the help of Dave Carson, her friend and confidante, Michelle sets out to find her husband. Frustrated by conventional police tactics, Michelle hires a private investigator. Instead of finding her husband, Michelle finds herself in a web of deceit where her trusted allies conspire with her hidden enemies. Michelle is forced to confront her loyalty to her wayward husband and choose between the sweet things of an incomplete life, or the BITTER THINGS of a life fulfilled by the ultimate sacrifice.


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  2. After learning about troop surges, an economic rebound that can somehow have even higher unemployment rates, and the unstoppable swine flu, this is one of the greatest pieces of news I heard all year! Finally, erotic horror at an affordable price. You, EJ, should be treated as a liberator -- from oppressive pricing! Thanks for letting everyone know!

  3. I like that. The Liberator! Bringing you links to delectable literature at Low, Low prices! ;P

    p.s. I'm ordering my copy tonight. xx

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