Saturday, October 31, 2009

Rise! Rise!

Rise! Rise! my darlings,
The twilight hour beckons,
As the darkness descends,
The From the Shadows contest,
Is about to end.

From the Shadows Halloween Contest

Happy Halloween!


Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Black Friday Book Release Party

New flyers up for the Black Friday Book Release Party @ The Asylum!

Monday, October 26, 2009

The Most Beautiful Review

I had the great honor today of reading a review of my book From the Shadows that my friend "M" posted on Facebook.  It is truly the most beautiful review that I have received so far.  This review brought tears to my eyes.

"From the Shadows " is a new release by my friend Erica. It is a must read if you love poetry and darker side of human life.

Quoting one of the reviews - " Dark, Disturbing, Haunting and Beautiful". I have to say that pretty much sums up the book. The beauty of the poems is that you can relate to the situations and emotions, they are so familiar to you and when Erica capture them in words they turn out to be powerful and strong.

I have read the book already twice this afternoon and I want to read it again and feel the words...
My favorite one definitely is "Behind the Mask" , I can see the womain in the mirror, for she is me.
Then there is "Reign Me In', which I couldn't help 'stealing a few lines' and updating my status with. Then there is "Shadow Man" -

"But what you didn't know
Was that your cruelty
Released me from your spell
Now friend had become foe"

"Scars", "Trapped in my Skin" and " Plato Was Right"

"Been Content Here
Just Me
On my own....
Plato was right
All along
I am a circle
That's been torn."

I can keep going on forever. The poems are truly captivating, every word speaks to me and I "wish for release at last....

You can find the book at

Erica is also planning a book release party and I KNOW it is going to be a huge success.

Erica, this is to you.. To me, dark was always haunting, you made me realize it can be truly beautiful and that life is incomplete without the darkness.Thank You. xoxo

Thank you "M" so very much.

Friday, October 23, 2009

Contact info...

 These lovely new cards are on their way to my door.  No more scribbling contact info on the backs of napkins and scraps of paper!

Thursday, October 22, 2009

From the Shadows Halloween Contest!

One lucky winner will be mailed the haunting new release From the Shadows signed by the author dark poet E.J. Stevens.  But wait, that's not all!  I will also send From the Shadows bookmarks to six more lucky winners.

To enter:
1+ Become a Follower of the From the Shadows blog
1+ Twitter the contest
1+ Blog about the contest
1+ Post a Facebook or Myspace bulletin about the contest
1+ Include a contest link on your website
= 5 possible entries per person
Please include you email address in your comment below.

**Entries must be received by midnight EST October 31st 2009**Winners will be notified by email**

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Urban Cryptozoological Journal

I stumbled upon this lovely blog and just had to share.

The Urban Cryptozoological Journal contains beautiful artwork as well as intriguing information about many mythological creatures.  My favorite entry Thassalius, Scrymnyx, Kaug and Valpata includes the imaginative entry for the Scrymnyx who "can most frequently be found nesting on or near libraries and museums." Perhaps I have encountered one before since we appear to have similar haunts.       

Need more zoology?  Cephalopod Tea Party is another enjoyable blog gem I recently discovered.  Finding cephalopods intriguing? Want to be one for Halloween? Check out this absolutely amazing OctoDress over at The Gothic Tea Society!

Graveyard Poets

I've frequently been asked about my personal tastes and influences (please see the post Gothic Folk for more information on my favorite music artists).  I have been a voracious reader my entire life and the bibliophile within me loves all books however I must admit a weakness for dark writings. 

I have always loved dark fantasy, horror and science fiction, however the Graveyard Poets have had the greatest influence on me as a writer.  The Graveyard Poets were a group of 18th century English poets who focused on melancholy funereal subjects.  Elegy Written in a Country Churchyard by Thomas Gray is one of the finest pieces of writing from this group and remains a constant favorite.  I highly recommend reading the great works of the Graveyard Poets especially for anyone looking for a chilling pre-Halloween read.

Friday, October 16, 2009

The Campfire Pages: Halloween Edition

The chilling E.J. Stevens poem The Boatman Below is now featured at The Campfire Pages: Halloween Edition.

The Boatman Below was originally printed in From the Shadows chapter 1: Graveyard Whispers by E.J. Stevens.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Goth Folk

I am often asked what kind of music I listen to.  Although I have eclectic musical tastes including goth, industrial, electronic, ebm, symphonic metal, folk, punk, pop, down tempo and classical my favorite music falls under the black umbrella I like to call Goth Folk.

The melodramatic lyrics of Goth Folk music stir the dark poet within me. The amazing talent of the musicians astounds, captivates and holds me in a perpetual state of awe.  Goth Folk often walks the knife edge between discordant and harmonious as if both were tossed into a witch's cauldron and emerged as something so much more.  It is hard to describe this metamorphosis, or the musical creature that emerges but I can promise that it is something that you will want to sink your auditory teeth into.

Please follow the links to check out some of my absolute favorite Goth Folk artists below.

Tobias Svensson

Edward Key

Rachel Kenedy

Jake Downs

Franka De Mille

For the Roses

Patrick Wolf

Vivian Davies

**If you are an artist that I've mentioned and you would rather not be mentioned please let me know.

Amanda Stevens photography

I've just realized that I have not yet applauded my mom yet on this blog.
Her amazing photography graces the cover of my new book and has provided me with a lovely collection of author photos.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Getting ready for Halloween

Pumpkins are ready for carving.  I've made my annual shrunken heads with apples (they are drying and shrinking on the window sill) and the decorations are up.  The only thing left is to decide on our costumes.  I am finalizing what to wear to the Goth Ball and Maya needs a Halloween costume.

Last year she was a Corgi-saur-us.  What should she be this year?

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Finding my cozy mental cave

This past week month has been incredibly busy.  After five weeks of flu-with-raging-fever-turned-pneumonia I had a book releasing to the public and a backlog of housework, social engagements and errands (grocery shopping being high on the list since I can only survive so long on organic ketchup and coffee).  I now have a paranoia of becoming sick again and losing another five weeks of my life so please don't be put off by the author when she turns up at the book signing wearing a mask, trying not to shake hands, washing her hands like Lady Macbeth and running from the room at the merest hint of a sneeze, cough or sniffle.

I am thankful therefore to the chilly weather that has been blowing in the past few days.  I find myself beginning a bit of mental hibernation and reaching for that extra blanket, cup of tea and a good book to dive into. Immersed in my cozy mental cave it is easy to forget that I remain five weeks behind and that there is an evil nasty virus that is out to get me.


FtS becomes Poetry Pick of the Month

From the Shadows is poetry pick of the month over at!  I am in the Featured Author section.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Boston, NYC & London!

I am currently adding Boston, NYC, London & Amityville to my book tour!

I will also be visiting Salem, MA again before the end of the month.  Then of course there is the Goth Ball and the Plague night Black Friday book release party at The Asylum.

If you would like to request dark poet E.J. Stevens for a book signing or other literary event please email her at @ or click on the "Request a visit from E.J. Stevens" button over at

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Beautiful Salem, MA

I decided to take From the Shadows on an informal book tour today to Salem Massachusetts.

From the Shadows was very well received, the bookmarks and fliers were a hit, and I was able to a sunny Autumn day wandering the cobblestone streets of historic Salem.  The drive was filled with amber and rust colored leaves as the fall foliage reaches its peak and I found a lovely velvet capelet in one of the many downtown boutiques.  It was a fabulous day for strolling, shopping and meeting readers.  I would like to thank all of you for your kind comments and encouragement.  Welcome to the blog!

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Dark poet E.J. Stevens featured author

Dark poet E.J. Stevens is now featured author #27 on Soul Circle.

E.J. Stevens' new haunting release From the Shadows has been listed under poetry and haunted writings.  Webmaster Bonnie Lea Elliott, author of Captive Souls and Soul Surrender, was kind enough to include author E.J. Stevens in a growing list of talented paranormal writers.

Friday, October 2, 2009

A Haunting Halloween Read

From the Shadows by E.J. Stevens is receiving rave reviews and has been described as "a haunting read just in time for Halloween".

"Dark, Disturbing, Haunting, and Beautiful""resonant"

"words flow magically allowing the reader to become entwined in the poem"
"beautifully written"
"Very impressive writing with fine flow and rhythm."

From the Shadows is now available at Amazon.