Sunday, October 11, 2009

Finding my cozy mental cave

This past week month has been incredibly busy.  After five weeks of flu-with-raging-fever-turned-pneumonia I had a book releasing to the public and a backlog of housework, social engagements and errands (grocery shopping being high on the list since I can only survive so long on organic ketchup and coffee).  I now have a paranoia of becoming sick again and losing another five weeks of my life so please don't be put off by the author when she turns up at the book signing wearing a mask, trying not to shake hands, washing her hands like Lady Macbeth and running from the room at the merest hint of a sneeze, cough or sniffle.

I am thankful therefore to the chilly weather that has been blowing in the past few days.  I find myself beginning a bit of mental hibernation and reaching for that extra blanket, cup of tea and a good book to dive into. Immersed in my cozy mental cave it is easy to forget that I remain five weeks behind and that there is an evil nasty virus that is out to get me.


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