Saturday, March 17, 2018

Get Lost in Ivy Granger Translations

I'm excited to announce multiple new Ivy Granger translations. 

New Releases

Divampante Fulgore (Burning Bright - Italian Edition)

Divampante Fulgore (Burning Bright - Italian Edition)

La Morsa Del Gorso (Frostbite - Italian Edition)

La Morsa Del Gelo (Frostbite - Italian Edition)

Spooklicht (Ghost Light - Dutch Edition)

Spooklicht (Ghost Light - Dutch Edition)
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Les Crocs De L'hiver (Frostbite - French Edition)

Les Crocs De L'hiver (Frostbite - French Edition)

Coming Soon

TBA (Ghost Light - French Edition)

TBA (Frostbite - Dutch Edition)

Out Now

Looking for more Ivy Granger Psychic Detective and Hunters' Guild translations?  Visit the translations page at and get lost in translations!

Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Frostbite Release Party + Giveaway

Happy Book Birthday to FROSTBITE.  It's time to load your ereader and grab the salt!  Ivy Granger prequel FROSTBITE out now.

Keep reading for a chance to win an Amazon Gift Card and signed swag!

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This spooky prequel short story is the perfect introduction to the award-winning Ivy Granger Psychic Detective urban fantasy series.

Frostbite Ivy Granger Psychic Detective by E.J. Stevens

Frostbite (Ivy Granger Psychic Detective #0.5) by E.J. Stevens.

When a client claims that her house is being haunted, Ivy tries to keep her mind open and her weapons handy. If her psychic gifts and recent cases have taught her anything, it's that you're better off arming yourself for the unexpected.

Will our favorite psychic detective face down murderous ghosts? Anything is possible in Harborsmouth.

Release Date: Tuesday, March 6, 2018
Genre: Urban Fantasy, Mystery
Books in this Series: Shadow Sight, Ghost Light, Burning Bright, Birthright, Hound's Bite
Short Stories, Novellas, Collections: Frostbite, Blood and Mistletoe, Club Nexus, Thrill on Joysen Hill, Tales from Harborsmouth

Order Now 99 Cents

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Frostbite Release Party Giveaway

We're giving away a $5 Amazon Gift Card and a signed Ivy Granger Passport and postcard!

To enter, please use the Rafflecopter form below.  This giveaway is INTERNATIONAL.  Giveaway ends March 16, 2018 midnight EST.

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Have you read Frostbite?

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