Tuesday, July 30, 2019

Frostbite Wins Independent Audiobook Award

We won! The Independent Audiobook Awards ceremony at the HEAR Now Festival in Kansas City was an amazing experience. Now you can check out red carpet photos, watch the moment we won, and listen to my award acceptance speech.

Photos from IAA2019 @ HEAR Now Festival

IAA2019 Video and FB Watch Party

Our fantastic audio team, including Melanie Mason and The Voices in our Heads, hosted a Facebook Live Watch Party of the awards live stream. Watch the moment our team reacted to winning the award.

You can watch my award acceptance speech on YouTube.

Independent Audiobook Award Winner
Frostbite Ivy Granger Award Winning Audiobook

🎧 Frostbite won the Independent Audiobook Award for Best Short Story.
🎧 Learn more about our Ivy Granger award winning audiobook, Frostbite at IvyGranger.com and at EJStevensAuthor.com
🎧 Learn more about the Independent Audiobook Awards and Hear Now Festival
🎧 Check out the FB Watch Party.
🎧 Devil in the Details audiobook coming February/March 2020.
🎧 Craven Street audiobook coming October/November 2019.

Go Team Ivy Granger!