Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Goth Folk

I am often asked what kind of music I listen to.  Although I have eclectic musical tastes including goth, industrial, electronic, ebm, symphonic metal, folk, punk, pop, down tempo and classical my favorite music falls under the black umbrella I like to call Goth Folk.

The melodramatic lyrics of Goth Folk music stir the dark poet within me. The amazing talent of the musicians astounds, captivates and holds me in a perpetual state of awe.  Goth Folk often walks the knife edge between discordant and harmonious as if both were tossed into a witch's cauldron and emerged as something so much more.  It is hard to describe this metamorphosis, or the musical creature that emerges but I can promise that it is something that you will want to sink your auditory teeth into.

Please follow the links to check out some of my absolute favorite Goth Folk artists below.

Tobias Svensson

Edward Key

Rachel Kenedy

Jake Downs

Franka De Mille

For the Roses

Patrick Wolf

Vivian Davies

**If you are an artist that I've mentioned and you would rather not be mentioned please let me know.


  1. I just realized that I forgot to include the incredible Wendy McNeill.

  2. Marissa Nadler, Mariee Sioux, Kelley Ali

  3. oops sorry Kelli Ali the two newer albums

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