Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Urban Cryptozoological Journal

I stumbled upon this lovely blog and just had to share.

The Urban Cryptozoological Journal contains beautiful artwork as well as intriguing information about many mythological creatures.  My favorite entry Thassalius, Scrymnyx, Kaug and Valpata includes the imaginative entry for the Scrymnyx who "can most frequently be found nesting on or near libraries and museums." Perhaps I have encountered one before since we appear to have similar haunts.       

Need more zoology?  Cephalopod Tea Party is another enjoyable blog gem I recently discovered.  Finding cephalopods intriguing? Want to be one for Halloween? Check out this absolutely amazing OctoDress over at The Gothic Tea Society!


  1. Ah! You made this post last year but I just found out about it! Thanks so much! :) My friend Abby made the blog so I don't get any alerts when somebody leaves a comment.

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