Tuesday, December 22, 2009

New Blogs for the New Year

Some of you may have noticed a few new links have been added to the sidebar recently.  In anticipation of the 2010 releases of my new poetry collections 'Shadows of Myth and Legend' and 'Gears, Steam & Absinthe Daydreams' I have created two new blogs of the same names. 
From the Shadows will remain my primary blog, however I will be posting release updates and more on the new blogs as work on both titles progresses.


  1. When in 2010 does this come out? It sounds really good....wait don't answer that I'll research on your blogs!

  2. 'Gears, Steam & Absinthe Daydreams' is due out Fall 2010 however I haven't committed to the release date of 'Shadows of Myth and Legend' but a little bird told me it may be ready as early as Spring 2010. ;)