Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Nitzer Ebb

Tomorrow night I'll be taking a musical journey into my past.  Nitzer Ebb will be playing LIVE at The Paradise Rock Club in Boston and I have tickets! 
"fast beat the feet, fast fall the hands..."


  1. Nitzer Ebb! Holy cow! I saw them open for Depeche Mode like a century ago. How cool is that! How were they?

  2. I still love all of the old school goth/industrial/ebm bands. I think I've requested "Stripped" by Depeche Mode nearly every Friday night at Plague. ;P
    Sadly though I didn't make it out to the show last night. I plead temporary insanity due to exhaustion. Really, I was so tired that I was catching hallucinations in my peripheral vision and *very* jumpy! I've been working on a new book "Shadows of Myth & Legend" and may have gone a few too many nights without sleep.
    Lesson learned. I'll keep my Nitzer Ebb ticket up on my bulletin board as a reminder to take occasional breaks to sleep. :)

  3. I will share this post on my page. Hope my audience will check your release later.