Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Book Review: Wayfarer

 Wayfarer (Faery Rebels, book 2) by R. J. Anderson.

The faeries of the Oak are in danger of extinction, and their only hope for survival rests in fifteen-year-old Linden.  Armed with the last of her people's magic, she travels bravely into the modern human world.  Along the way she makes a reluctant ally--a human boy named Timothy.  Soon Linden and Timothy discover a danger much worse than the Oakenfolk's loss of magic: a potent evil that threatens to enslave faeries and humans alike.  In a fevered, desperate chase across the country, Tim and Linden must risk their lives to seek an ancient power before it's too late to save everyone they love.

Linden must leave the oak to seek aid for her people but in the end she may discover that the most important part of her quest is the journey itself.  Though Wayfarer is the second book in the Faery Rebels series it reads easily as a stand alone novel.  This is a young adult tale of friendship and duty with many moral (though not religious or preachy) messages.  Linden is an innocent and pure of heart young faerie while Timothy is a troubled teen who is questioning his faith and place in the world.  Together they embark on a dangerous journey to save both faerie and humankind.  Wayfarer is a parable for all ages.

I recommend Wayfarer to readers of young adult, fantasy, paranormal fiction, urban fantasy and especially to fans of innocent faerie fiction with a message.

Source: This book was provided by the author or publisher for honest review.

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  1. Lovely review. I am not familiar with either the first or this book but it sounds like a series I would gretaly enjoy. Thanks!

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