Thursday, July 1, 2010

Book Review: Red Rain

Red Rain by Tim Wendel.

As the B-29 bombers began to pound Tokyo and most of the other major Japanese cities to rubble, the Japanese military became desperate to find a way to once again instill fear in its enemies. Out of such efforts was born the greatest secret of WWII — the fire balloon. One woman, Yoshi, camouflaging her identity, is sent to uncover these delicate but deadly creations.

A passionate tale of military espionage, loyalty, and love.  Red Rain delves into the secrets of the fire balloons deployed by Japan towards the end of WWII, the news blackout that blanketed these events in secrecy, and the reality of internment camps where Japanese Americans were forced to live like criminals behind barbed wire.  Red Rain is an intriguing, suspenseful read filled with engaging characters.  Against the backdrop of war torn Japan, the US internment camps, and tinder-dry US countryside Tim Wendel weaves an intricate story of one woman, motivated by the love of her family, willing to go behind enemy lines to discover the secrets that may help her country win the war.  But in the end, who is family, where is home, and who should she remain loyal to?  A wonderful new work of historical fiction.

I would recommend Red Rain to readers who enjoy historical fiction, romance, and suspense thrillers.  Due to some of the adult content I would not recommend this book to young readers.

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Source:  This book was provided by the author for honest review.

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  1. Hi Tim,
    I saw the film of the Japanese fire balloons. It's creepy to think that the United States Government would go to such lengths to keep Americans in the dark for so long. It kind of makes you wonder what else they've been keeping secret all these years. Your book looks extremely interesting and I would love to buy it...or win it here. lol

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