Tuesday, December 6, 2016

One Smoking Hot Fairy Tail Book Excerpt + Giveaway

This month is Faerie Celebration Month at From the Shadows and today we have a special ONE SMOKING HOT FAIRY TAIL by Kevin James Breaux book excerpt and giveaway for you.

Keep reading for a chance to win a One Smoking Hot Fairy Tale prize pack, including a signed book, postcard, bookmark, and $25 Amazon Gift Card!

Book Excerpt: One Smoking Hot Fairy Tail

     Sitting in her shadow-soaked bedroom, Moselle Abdul Aziz Al Ghurair repeatedly glanced at her smartphone, eager for it to ring. A candelabrum burned seven small red flames, illuminating her room just enough for her to not only spy two of her Abyssinian cats as they chased each other across the marble floor, but to also see what she was mixing.
     Moselle poured jojoba oil from a large container into a small, dark glass bottle with a glass rod applicator. Ten drops of jasmine oil from the flowers she had handpicked in her garden the night before splashed into the bottle as she pondered how much ylang-ylang oil she should add to the mix, desiring nothing but the most erotic scent to seduce the man she had been dating.
     At the chime of her smartphone, Moselle set the bottles aside and pressed the answer button with the tip of her index finger’s nail.
     “Greetings, Father.”
     “You sound disappointed, my daughter.” Moselle’s father’s voice was deep and steeped with his strong Egyptian accent.
     “No, no, no… not at all.” Moselle cleared her throat and presented him with the respect he was due. “How may I serve you, Father?”
     “I am pleased to inform you that everything has gone as designed with the new Club Afterlife,” he said. “This opening is already being touted as a once-in-a-lifetime, red carpet event.”
     “Blessings be, Father.”
     “Have you made travel arrangements yet, Moselle?”
     She took a second to compose her words before speaking.
     “I have not. Father, it is a great honor to attend, not only as the subject of all of the advertisements in your recent campaign, but as your loving daughter, still I have a request.” She sat up. 
      “You know full well your mother is currently unable to entertain,” he stated, clearly assuming she was going to ask if her mother could be at the opening.
     “Oh, yes that. I haven’t broken bread with Mother since last year’s birthday party. I do miss her.”
     “Birthdays?” She heard her father’s dissatisfied tone. “Moselle, you know I find them a foolish distraction.”
     “Yes, I know.”
     “Good,” he replied quickly. “I will send the private jet to Los Angeles in two days. It will transport you to New York City for the event.”
     “Father, my request,” she reminded him. “I have met someone very special, a young man whom I have been dating. He works at the advertising agency you hired for the new club.”
     “Tell me again, Moselle, why do you find them so interesting?” Her father’s tone was filled with frustration and annoyance. “What could you possibly have in common with this… this American?”
     “He is strong, handsome, and funny, Father.”
     “He is not one of us.”
     “I do not care about that. He warms my soul with his humor and kindness. When we work together preparing your advertisements, I find myself inexplicably drawn to him. I have not felt this way in ten or more years.”
     Her father’s raised voice startled her so badly her body froze. She had not angered her him in many, many years, not since long before she had moved out of his home into her own.
     “Why do you tell me this?”
     “I would like him to accompany me to the grand opening as my date,” Moselle answered timidly.
     The phone went silent, and Moselle waited patiently.
     “So be it,” he conceded. “Invite him, but he will need to find his own means of travel to New York. Understood?”
     “Yes.” Moselle beamed.
     “Did you pass along my request to your other friend?”
     “I spoke to Sabrina earlier; she accepted the invitation already.”
     “She is well now, you say?”
     “As well as can be,” Moselle admitted.
     “Good, then, regardless, this will be an opening night for all to remember. Safe journey, my daughter.”
     “Safe journey to you too, Father.”
     Moselle watched the slender metal hands on her wall clock tick forward another notch as she hung up. The hand’s movement boomed in her ears like the footsteps of a titan. It was nearing nine o’clock at night; she had hoped her new boyfriend would have called by now. She unconsciously tapped the bottom corner of her smartphone on the table, harder and harder until… Snap. The protective case broke.    
     “Curse this devil’s game.” Moselle ran her finger over the jagged crack. “My phone, a sacrifice to you, Hathor. See it not wasted.”
     Moselle pressed the speed-dial graphic, a tiny photo associated with his name: Jackson Abernathy.
     “Jackson, darling, it is Moselle Abdul Aziz Al Ghurair.”
     “Hey, Moselle…” He paused a moment before finishing. “What’s happening?”
    Jackson’s voice did not ring with the excitement she had yearned for, and she had a clear guess why.
     “Are you still at work?”
     “Yeah, I’m putting the finishing touches on that freelance project I did with Candice Swanepoel.”
     Moselle finally heard a hint of excitement in his voice, but it was not for her.
     “You work too hard and play too little.” Moselle stood feeling suddenly jealous; she was more driven than ever to see Jackson now.
     “To be honest, I need the extra money. I lost a few bucks on the game last night.”
     Moselle admired herself in the full-length mirror attached to the inside of her closet door as she listened. She examined her eye makeup, which included a coat of sparkling purple mascara that complemented her dark eyes.
     “All I am suggesting is that you take a short break.”
     “I took a break earlier when you sent me that one text message. The one with the picture attached. What did it say again?”
     “It said that tomorrow marks a full month on the calendar since you asked me out. It said to prepare for a night filled with earthly delights.”
     Jackson laughed. “Moselle, you are unlike any other girl I’ve ever known.”
     “You are right, Jackson. All you have known are girls, scatterbrained models with apathy toward most things. I am a woman, one who knows what she wants.”
     “Well… I wanted to finish this project and then get a jump-start touching up that advertisement of you in the silver bikini with the—”
     “Jackson.” Moselle’s voice rose in frustration. “Such labor should be done during the hours our beloved sun is high above us.”
     “You’re right, but wouldn’t your father be even more impressed with me if I handed him extra work?”
     “While I find it pleasing that you strive to win my father’s approval, Jackson, I must ask you this: would you have me spend the next few hours alone while you stare at my likeness, or would you gaze upon me in person over a few drinks?”
     “Would you like to go out for coffee, Moselle?”
     “I would love to.”


One Smoking Hot Fairy Tail by Kevin James Breaux.

Sabrina, a lovely fairy has it all: fame, fortune, and beauty—until her boyfriend Cade, a rebel vampire, films their involvement in a crime as well as the passionate lovemaking that follows.

But Cade loses his camera and the video is posted online, ruining Sabrina’s life. After a year of nursing her wounds, she resurfaces only to find herself hunted for her wings.

The lives of all unearthly beings are at stake—fairies, windigos, mummies, and elemental spirits, caught up in a frightening flood of events that threaten their discovery. Sabrina and Moselle, a sex-starved mummy and the daughter of a wealthy businessman, find themselves in the middle of the conflict, forced to take drastic action to protect their identities and lives.

In trying to save themselves can they also prevent the United States from falling into the hands of an evil mind with horrible intentions?

Add to Goodreads.

OSHFT Prize Pack Giveaway

We are giving away a One Smoking Hot Fairy Tale prize pack, including a signed book, postcard, bookmark, and $25 Amazon Gift Card!

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To enter, please use the Rafflecopter form below.  This giveaway is open to US mailing addresses.  Giveaway ends December 16, 2016 midnight EST.  Good luck!

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What did you think of the book excerpt?  Do you recall the name of the club where the red carpet event is scheduled take place?


  1. Loved the excerpt! It takes place at Club Afterlife.

  2. Club Afterlife
    Thanks for the chance

  3. Club Afterlife! I can't wait to read this book!Thanks for the giveaway

  4. Club Afterlife! I can't wait to read this book!Thanks for the giveaway

  5. Thanks all who have entered so far. :)

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