Friday, December 9, 2016

E.J. Stevens Interview on Citywide Blackout WEMF Boston Radio

E.J. Stevens Interview on Citywide Blackout WEMF Boston Radio

I was interviewed recently for the Citywide Blackout program on WEMF Radio Boston.  You can listen to my The Blackout Bootleg radio interview with Citywide Blackout here:

My interview starts around 2:30 and I'm interviewed by show host Max Bowen.  Big thanks to Max Bowen, Citywide Blackout, and WEMF Radio Boston!

 Full show details:

We open the show with a packed house of horror! I interview Izzy Lee, James A. Moore, Scott Goudsward, and John M. McIlveen about The Haverhill Public Library Holiday Bookfear and what makes a good horror story.

Filmmaker Maura Smith has worked on some pretty major films, like Black Mass and Spotlight Movie, but she's also produced some great work that's all her own, some of which was featured at the Massachusetts Independent Film Festival over the summer. She joins Max over the phone with fellow filmmaker Kate Brown, whom she's worked with in the past.

Matt of My Silent Bravery returns to the show with some great new tunes to share with all of you. His new album "Breakthrough" was released earlier this fall to some impressive reviews, and he'll have plenty of shows to come.

The electric rock band Western Education returns to the show for the fourth time to talk about their new album, "Restless Dreams." Their style is such a great blend of electric and rock sounds, and they've accomplished a lot in the last few years.

We're going into extra innings this week! Ed of the brotherly duo Scotch Mist joins me on to talk about their most recent release, some of which is inspired by those very close to home. Plus, he plays live with some stellar tunes!

BONUS: The Blackout Bootlegs are back! Max talks to author E.J. Stevens at the Merrimack Halloween Book Festival. She has an extensive collection of titles, including the popular Ivy Granger series.

Did you enjoy the interview?  Have any questions we missed?  Leave your questions in the comments!

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  1. I'm definitely going to find time to listen to this. I have to wait until my grandkids are asleep so I can actually hear it!