Friday, February 25, 2011

E.J. Launches PNR4Wolves

As a paranormal romance author with a love of wolves, I wanted to do something to bring attention to our wild neighbors.  PNR4Wolves is an exciting new way for paranormal authors to raise awareness and promote the rescue and preservation of wolves.

PNR4Wolves Supporting Authors provide books, ebooks, and/or swag for our giveaway.  Prizes can be found on the List of PNR4Wolves Giveaway Prizes page which will be updated frequently.  There will be one US winner and one International winner.  Winners will be drawn March 15th 2012.

PNR4Wolves is a fun way to win prizes including paranormal romance books, ebooks, and swag.  To enter, readers complete one simple form to let us know that they intend to contribute to the rescue and preservation of wolves.  This may be in the form of volunteering with your local wildlife refuge or nature conservancy, joining a letter writing campaign, donating to wolf rescue organizations or wolf sanctuaries, and/or adopting a wolf.

Please do not send donations directly to PNR4Wolves or E.J. Stevens.  The intention of PNR4Wolves is to raise awareness and most of all...have fun! To learn more about PNR4Wolves check out the new website.  This site just launched so please check back for updates.

Help spread the word.  If promoting on Twitter, please use the #PNR4Wolves hashtag.  With your help we can make this a huge success!


  1. Twelve supporting authors in our first 48 hours!

    E.J. Stevens
    Danielle D. Smith
    BK Walker
    Cindy Spencer Pape
    Cara Marsi
    Melanie Nowak
    Kersten Hamilton
    Valentina Heart
    Eva Gordon
    Leanore Elliott
    Ashley M. Christman
    Tarrant Smith


  2. As an animal lover I must say I really love this idea. Any chance of making a more vertical button so I can keep it on my sidebar?

  3. V&T,
    Absolutely! I'll get one up today. :)