Friday, February 18, 2011

Exciting news in the world of E.J.

Exciting news in the world of E.J. (or the post where I go crazy with exclamation points!).

Time for some updates!!! See what I mean about exclamation points? 

New ebook pricing!

I have never had a complaint about book pricing (my ebooks have always been priced under $5).  My readers are just that fabulous!  But let's face it, the world of ebook publishing is changing rapidly and there are thousands of wonderful books now available.  With a bit of trepidation we've reduced the price of all Spirit Guide series ebooks.  So, at total risk of sounding like an advertisement, Spirit Storm is now $3.99 and She Smells the Dead is now only $2.99!

Paranormal Spring Break!

I have officially announced my participation in Paranormal Spring Break 2011.  Paranormal Spring Break is an online event celebrating new releases in the paranormal genre with author interviews, guest blogs, and giveaways. Paranormal Spring Break is hosted by Parajunkee's View and Tynga's Reviews.  On March 13th the event will include an interview with your favorite Spirit Guide series characters, Yuki, Calvin, Emma, and Simon. The Spirit Guide series character interview will be followed by an amazing giveaway. We will be giving away a special spring-themed Spirit Guide series tote bag stuffed with signed books, bookmarks, postcards, an "I Smell Dead People" t-shirt, and a gorgeous Spirit Storm poster! 

New Spirit Guide Series Postcards!

The Spirit Guide series Valentine's Day Postcards were such a hit!  Fans loved getting signed swag in the mail, so I've created some fun springtime "Yuki with cherry blossoms" postcards and will be sending these out to everyone on my mailing list next month.

Not on E.J.'s mailing list?  Click here to fill out the form and be included in mailings and get free Spirit Guide series swag!  **Please note:  Not all postal mailings will be sent to international addresses, but I will do my best to find ways to include all of my fans!  There is now an email address option which I highly recommend for international fans.  I plan to use the email list for announcements, free reads, and coupon codes. 

Nearly 1,000 Blog Followers!

As I'm writing this post From the Shadows has 990 fabulous readers following on GFC.  Wow!  I promise a HUGE giveaway celebration when From the Shadows reaches 1,000 followers.  You all rock!

RT Booklovers Convention 2012 (Chicago)!

Okay, I know April 2012 feels like a gazillion days away, but one thing I've learned from 2011 is to finalize those author appearances.  It is way too easy to become immersed in the worlds in which I write and lose track of author registration and event application deadlines.  So, I've decided to commit to the RT (Romantic Times) Booklovers Convention 2012 in Chicago.  I love that the focus of this convention is on the people who are the most important in this industry...readers like you.

I'm still working on my 2012 event schedule, so drop me an email if you'd like me to visit your book fair, convention, or fantasy event.  I have been extremely busy writing, but plan to escape my crypt for regular author appearances throughout 2012.

So what's new with you?


  1. Wow this is all amazing news! Thanks so much E.J.!

  2. aLmYbNeNr,
    Thank you! I'm so excited. Hope to see everyone while on tour in 2012. :)
    From the Shadows
    Spirit Guide Series

  3. great news! looking forward to reading the interviews with yuki and clan. and looking forward to the spring card. i love snail mail ;-D and fun in chicago.

  4. vvb,
    I'm a huge fan of snail mail too. There is still something special about receiving something tangible. Thanks! :)