Thursday, May 13, 2010

The Tarot of Trees and a Cozy for Me

I found The Tarot of Trees while shopping on Etsy and was immediately attracted to the vibrant, colorful artwork on these tarot cards.  The Tarot of Trees is sold in the mother and daughter run Etsy shop Artistic Journeys.  For further information regarding this delightful whimsical tarot deck you may also visit The Tarot of Trees website.

I was also happy to find these beautiful handmade cozies in Ammi's Art hand felted treasures Etsy shop.  Ammi's shop carries cozies to fit tarot decks and ebook readers in a gorgeous pallet of colors.


  1. Those tarot cards look stunning! I love Etsy. When ever I need supplies for my own Etsy shop I try to buy from other sellers. :)

  2. Wow these are beautiful. I may get myself a set (even though I am not sure how they work). The colors are so vibrant.

  3. Amanda,
    I'm an Etsy addict. :P

    If you visit her website there is also an option to buy the tarot deck with a book that describes in more detail how to use it. Once you read the basic how-to, I find tarot card reading to be very intuitive. :)


  4. What a gorgeous deck of tarot cards!

    And like you, I love the colors too :)

  5. Those are really beautiful. I love all the different Tarot deck's they come out with, and how you can usually find a deck that your feel connected to and that, for lack of a better word at the moment, speaks to you. I used to have a lovely fairy tale deck.

  6. These are gorgeous - thanks for sharing EJ.