Thursday, May 27, 2010

Bloodhound: Vampire Gigolo (Vampire Host)

I started watching the series Bloodhound: Vampire Gigolo (aka Vampire Host) and am hooked!  Suou is a hilarious vampire who works in a host club.  Rion is a high school girl who meets Suou while searching for her friend who disappeared after leaving a frantic message on Rion's phone about a real vampire.  Suou and Rion team up to find Rion's friend forming an unlikely partnership.  Suou and Rion find themselves continuing to be put in situations of supernatural sleuthing and hilarious vampire transformations (oh yes and tons of gratuitous "panty" discussions).  The supernatural cases are interesting but the real entertainment is Suou's transformations and the potential developments in Suou and Rion's relationship.

I would recommend to fans of the manga and of vampire series that do not take themselves too seriously.  For a peek at the tv intro check out the YouTube video here.


  1. This series is great! iuahsashaiuh I watched and I always laughed a lot! It's kinda bizarre, but it's very nice too! :D

  2. Mariana,
    Wasn't this series fun? I agree that it is definitely bizarre......but in a good way! lol. Suou is now one of my favorite vamps on film.