Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mother's Day

My Mother’s Garden

There is a heady scent of plants and humus earth
Beneath the kitchen window sill
Where you will find my mother’s garden
My refuge since I were little
A whisper of autumn on the breeze
Is cool enough to chill
But the sparrow preening in the sun
Believes its summer still
Herbs both sweet and savory in their rows
All dancing to her will
I breathe in those that were my mother’s favorites
Lavender, sage and dill
She may be gone these long years past
But she remains here still.
by E.J. Stevens
My Mother's Garden copyright E.J. Stevens 2009. 


  1. What a wonderful poem on Mother's Day. I loved it.

  2. E.J. is the picture you and your mom? Lovely poem. Thanks so much for sharing!

  3. Thank you Aubrie! :)

    Hi Kay, that is my mom and I in the picture. I'm about 2 years old in this picture. My mom always had very long hair but her friend had come over to visit that day and cut her hair short. They then went outside to take a few photos and I was supposed to be napping. Instead I joined in (while wearing my dad's shirt as a dress, lol!).

    p.s. I meant to add to the post that my mom is alive and well (and loves this poem). I asked her permission before printing it and she said that it is one of her favorites. I'm so glad you enjoyed it as well!


  4. Aye, what a gorgeous poem. Nice blog!