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World of Krymzyn Guest Post + $100 Giveaway

Please welcome today's guest author B.C. Powell!  B.C. is the author of KRYMZYN, a new adult, sci-fi, fantasy novel.

I had the opportunity to ask B.C. about the fantasy world of Krymzyn, and he was kind enough to share this enlightening guest post with us.   

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The World of Krymzyn May Not Be What It Seems

When Chase, the male protagonist from Earth, unexpexctedly finds himself in a world called Krymyzn, he stands under “dark, ominous clouds that never move” and sees “trees that violently spring to life during Darkness.” As he spends more time in this world, he realizes that the people seem to live with “a narrow range of emotion.”

When Chase asks, “What is Krymzyn?” the answer he receives is, “Krymzyn is an infinite plane where all things exist in perfect balance.” It’s a vague, somewhat mysterious answer that leaves both Chase and the reader wondering what this really means.

When he arrives again in Krymyzn during Darkness, Chase flees from one of the hideous, vile creatures from the Barrens—right into the lashing branch of a tree. After the near-death experience, Chase is less impressed with the balance of Krymyzn, and more concerned with the danger. When he voices this complaint, the response is, “Balance doesn’t imply an abscence of danger. In fact, danger may allow balance to properly exist.” Chase also learns that the balance of Krymyzn, the world where time began, is what allows all other planes of existnce, “universes” they may be called, to exist.

So when we put all of this together, Chase—and we—still don’t know exactly what Krymzyn is. I had a distinct image of Krymzyn from the moment I started writing the book that has evolved into something much greater than even I could have imagined when I began the story.

In my opinion, a new world can’t simply be written for the sake of being different. It needs to have valid reasons to exist the way it does. What may appear as random characteristics early in the story should eventually come together in a cohesive manner that leads the reader to say, “Ah, I understand now.”

In Krymzyn, people do something called “blending their light,” allowing them to travel at speeds in excess of twenty thousand miles per hour. But children don’t know who their parents are since, as infants, they’re presented to and raised by the Keepers. The people dwell in mystifying caverns with blue quartz walls, cascading silvery-blue waterfalls, all illuminated by golden light from creatures called Swirls that live in crystal ceilings. But each person spends their life alone, not seeming to have the capicity to fall in love. Krymzyn is, in many ways, a world of contradiction.

When Chase has his moment of enlightenment, what I consider the real “gotcha” moment of the book, all the little clues that are there along the way should come together for the reader into a deeper understanding of this world. More importantly, Chase learns something critical about himself in that moment, and we see what’s truly inside him.

As the series progresses, we’ll learn more about the strange world of Krymzyn. We’ll meet the Guardians of the Gateways to the Infinite Expanse, spend time with the Serquatine we meet in the first book, and learn how the world of Krymzyn came to exist at The Beginning. Chase and Sash, the extraordinary “prodigy of all things Krymzyn,” will be our guides for much of the exploration of this world. In the end, those who take this journey will learn that Krymyzn is something much, much more than any of us could have imagined when we first read, “The girl looks up to static gray billows overhead.

World of Krymzyn Guest Post by B.C. Powell and $100 Giveaway

Krymzyn (The Journals of Krymzyn #1) by B.C. Powell.

Chase was twelve the first time he arrived in a strange land where dark, ominous clouds never move, ancient trees violently spring to life during Darkness, and people seem to live without emotion. Doctors tell him they’re hallucinations, but he knows his visits are real. She’s there-Sash-and she’s more real than anyone he’s ever known.

His visits stop but, as years pass, the memories haunt Chase. Without warning, the young man suddenly finds himself again in a world called Krymzyn. Arriving during Darkness, he’s rescued from death by the extraordinary, beautiful but terrifying young woman he first met when he was twelve.

When Chase is thrust into the war of balance against vile creatures who threaten all who live there, Sash helps him understand his purpose in Krymzyn. A dark secret from the beginning of time reveals he might be able to stay there forever. To prove he belongs in Krymzyn and be with the only woman he can ever love, Chase will have to risk his own life in the ultimate battle.

Release Date: October 4, 2014
Genre: New Adult, Fantasy, Science Fiction
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  1. Thank you for having "Krymzyn" on you blog! I really appreciate you taking part in the tour.

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  2. This world sounds super creative and I've been hearing great things about the world building, too! Thanks for being on the tour, EJ! :)

    1. You are very welcome! I love spreading the word about new fantasy books, especially ones that sound as unique as Krymzyn. :)

  3. Sounds really good! And very original, defo going on my TBR list!

    1. I agree. I love how unconventional the world of Krymzyn sounds. :)


  5. This sounds really exciting and packed with adventure! I'm glad I heard about this!

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