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Shades of Chaos Dystopian Authors Talk Apocalypse Survival

I recently had the opportunity to talk with the authors of the SHADES OF CHAOS young adult dystopian book collection.  Since the nine books in the Shades of Chaos collection deal with post-apocalyptic futures, I decided to ask these authors about how they would prepare for the apocalypse.  Four authors shared what's in their apocalypse survival kits and one author shared her apocalypse survival tips.  Let's see what they had to say!

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Apocalypse Survival Kit

What's in your apocalypse survival kit?

Alexia Purdy

1. Hunting Knife
2. A lighter
3. A small pot to boil water in
4. Food of some sort
5. Lip Balm, lots of it.

Chystalla Thoma

When I sat down to think about this topic, I realized that the items I would have in my survival kit would very much depend on the sort of apocalypse the world has come to. Is it radiation from a nuclear blast or ozone layer disappearing? Is it a flood? Is it aliens? Vampires? A plague?

So I decided I will focus on the apocalypse that has created the world of my series Elei’s Chronicles. In the events that lead to the Seven Islands, the mutations and the settings of Rex Rising, we have a world that managed, through war and negligence, to completely strip away the ozone layer. Prime danger is radiation from the sun, which not only will cause radiation poisoning, but also cancer if withstood long enough. Crops and animals will also die, if left exposed, leading to famine.

So what would a survivor need in such a scenario?
Suit: Covering myself to deflect the radiation would be paramount. I imagine a specially made suit with a helmet and visor, gloves and boots, to protect my skin. The suit would have to be light and yet made from a sturdy material, containing elements that don’t let radiation penetrate.

Weapon: Not a gun, but something that doesn’t need specialized ammunition. Maybe a sort of sling that throws stones, or a flamethrower if there are still places to get fuel. I’d need the weapon to protect myself from animals and other humans who will attack me to get my suit and everything else I own. Until deep underground or underwater cities are established, the world will be in upheaval. Plus, once those cities are established, they won’t take in everyone, leaving many of us on the outside.
I will also need this weapon to hunt for food.

Water purifier: Finding clean water will be a huge problem with so much death around. I will need a small gadget that can work even manually into which I can pour contaminated water and receive clean, drinkable water.

Medicine: a first aid kit, hopefully antibiotics, too, if I can find them. We are so used to cleanness and doctors close by in case we need anything. Any wound could spell death if left filthy and untreated.

Cameron Jace

Although I write apocalyptic books, I am never interested in survival kits. Call me pessimistic, but I don’t see a use for them. If the #$@$ hits the wall there will be no time to arrange for such things, let alone taking care of what’s left of your family.

The optimum kit though would always be your brain and how fit you are.
What will a gun be to you if you can’t run, or have spent time to learn how to shoot it—killing yourself is an option but then if you’re so desperate you could have done it way before the zombies knocked on your walls, and made the world a happier place.

I know this should be a post about kits. And, excuse my ignorance, I had to search Google for it. I mean, really, apocalypse isn’t about surviving to me—I know you’re not a fan of me already. It’s about two things, always:
1) How society ever got to that reckless point of no return?
2) What you learn about who you really are is such a dreadful situation.

So my kit would hardly be a sword, gun, car, comfy backpack, red glow sticks, shovel, self powered flashlight and radio, pocket knives, waterproof matches (seriously, who invented that?
No, none of that crap.
Not to mention I got all the above from the internet—which will most probably not be at your service when the apocalypse hits. Neither will blogs or writers be available. Don’t take it personally. It’s an apocalypse. God is not punishing you alone at the moment. It’s the whole world he’s aiming at.

So, kits.
Yes. I forgot.
I must talk too much, which isn’t a good ‘kit’ for apocalypse, especially ‘zombies.’ They’re not fond of fluff talk.

Anyways, here is my kit, simple, useless, but I love it:
Items are mentioned in particular order (you can’t favor one over the other here) :
Me (in order to save my ass, I am very important. If I have already worked on myself. If I have a purpose, I will leave an impression in this mess. Not survive. Leave a human strain, that is.)
Very close family members. I say wife and kids. Sorry mom and dad. I am just being practical.
A novel, just sayin’.
Something I can hit with, a baseball bat maybe. Guns always get out of ammo.
You will not like that one: a shovel. To bury loved ones with dignity, assuming I managed to die last as father who should take care of family.

And that in my humble opinion is the most important: to make sure at lease one person survives each situation. You don’t think that’s a kit? A surviving ‘life’ is all the hope we can get. Main rule in any situation: die as many, one survives, go produce, dies as many, make sure one survives and so on. This or we will be dinosaurs.

Katie Salidas

What a great topic, and honestly something I have considered lately. Not that I am one of those people who overly prepares for the unknown, but it’s always there in the back of my mind, being a mom, what would keep my family going in the short term if the worst would happen.

So, with that in mind (being a mom) I think I need a good first aid kit. My kids hurt themselves enough with proper medical attention around, gods forbid they hurt themselves with there is none.

Second to that, I need good defense. Not being a gun person, nor someone who wants to carry around bullets either, I go for something sharp and hand-held. A nice blade or two.

Now that I’ve got the bandaids and blades taken care of, my third selection would have to continue on the practical path. Good, simple, and useful. Lighter – fire is necessary! A tent – because I doub’t we’ll have real shelter and need some protection from the elements. And since I only have five choices, the last will be a good pair of comfortable shoes for me and the family. Why? Because I’ll bet there will be a lot of walking after the end of the world as we know it. Comfortable shoes are a must.

I wonder… what 5 Items would you choose?

Apocalypse Survival Tips

Megan Duncan

It could happen tomorrow.  Imagine, if you will, that you are sitting in a sunny park.  The grass is green, the trees are tall, and the laughter of children is filling the air.  You find an empty bench and take a seat so you can enjoy your favorite creamy ice cream cone when…

What are you going to do?  Drop your ice cream and run screaming, of course, but after that?  What can an innocent unsuspecting human do to survive?

That’s where I come in.  Like any apocalyptic/doomsday fanatic, I am well educated you in the guidelines of avoiding extinction for such an event.  I know what you’re thinking, but an  apocalypse could totally happen!  I swear I’m not crazy.

I have compiled a short list of five of the top tips, so that you can stay alive during such an epic catastrophe.

Five Very Important Apocalypse Survival Tips
Apocalypse monsters (zombies, vampires, and demons) are liars.  Never ever believe what they tell you.  If they say, “Please come outside.  We just want to be friends.”  What they really mean is, “Get out here, so I can eat you!”

Always be sure you are the fastest runner of those you travel with.  That way you can be sure you will never be the first to be eaten.  Cindy-Sue might have been your friend, but it’s not your fault the demon thinks she’s so tasty. Besides, she always ate all the pork n’ beans and that’s your favorite post-apocalyptic survival food!

Start your stockpile! Horde as many hostess twinkies and cans of spam as you can. It might not be the healthiest diet, but they don’t expire and spam will probably be the only thing left on any grocery store shelf.  Spam, or cannibalism? Your choice.

Anything can be used as a weapon.  If you are fighting a monster and all you have is duct tape, a knife and a broom.  Make yourself a medieval spear!  You’ve seen 300 and Troy a million times right?  Good!  Then you should be a professional.

Find your fortress. At some point the monsters will find you and the siege will commence. This doesn’t mean you have to make it easy for them. So get to your local hardware store before everyone else, and board up those doors and windows! No place is safe enough!

Good Luck!  Sleep tight and don’t let the monsters bite!

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What's in YOUR apocalypse survival kit?

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