Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Book Review: Beyond the Map's Boundary

Beyond the Map's Boundary by Nibi Soto.

All Mattie Bott and Trevor Karington have ever known were unusually happy, stable lives without any hint as to who they really are. Suddenly, Mattie starts seeing into the future and witnessing historical events appearing on particles of light. Unknowingly, Mattie was born into a family of Trekkers (time travelers). In order to save Mattie from dissolving into the core of time, Trevor becomes her Splitter (time link), making it possible for her to return to the present following each Divvy (time travel) to the past. With the accidental discovery of the Rings of Prather Mendell, Trevor now shares many of her powers as her partner. Together they try to foil the plan of the Interloper (an illicit time traveler from the future), who will stop at nothing to possess the secret, supernatural abilities of the time travelers and the forbidden powers of the rings.

Nancy Drew meets Kage Baker's The Company.  Nibi Soto has created an enjoyable world where time travel is a reality to Trekkers, a select few who have inherited the DNA and are gifted with the secret knowledge of their ancestors.  Soto's characters are refreshingly charming.   This is a quick, fanciful read enjoyable for readers of all ages. 

I would recommend Beyond the Map's Boundary to readers of young adult, fantasy, paranormal, adventure, and mystery genres and especially to young fans of lighthearted time travel adventures. 

Source:  This book was provided by the author and Pump Up Your Book tours for honest review.

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  1. I think I am actually going to pick this book up for a friend of mine's daughter. I think she would love it :)