Monday, June 20, 2011

Guest Author Interview: Courtney King Walker

Please welcome today's guest author Courtney King Walker!  Courtney is author of On The Fringe.

EJ:  When did you begin writing?

  In third grade. My first book was called “The Strange But Exciting Adventure,” with hand-drawn color illustrations and everything. It was a fantasy story about a bunch of friends who found a secret cave that took them to another world.  All the characters were my siblings and neighbors. When I got bored with that, I moved on to animal adventures, and then to movie scripts and commercials. I guess there’s something to be said for no TV, video games or money.

EJ:  What brought you to the paranormal genre?

I think my imagination has always gotten the best of me, for better or worse. When I was little I woke up all the time with nightmares, almost all of them involving some sort of paranormal creature. That must have carried on with me as I started writing because I always seem to be looking for that paranormal twist.

EJ:  If you could be any paranormal or have any one supernatural talent, what would it be? Why?

Cool question. I would love to teleport. Go anywhere in a second. I’m a wuss when it comes to being in strange places. Last year in Mexico when the taxi driver took a detour on the way to the airport, I was convinced we were being kidnapped. I’d love to see all those beautiful, dangerous places like the Middle East and South America and Africa in the blink of an eye without the worry of getting killed. That includes eating at awesome restaurants in really shady parts of San Francisco. Let’s just say I’m not as adventurous as I’d like to be.

EJ:  Tell us why readers will enjoy your new release.

  Tough question.  On the Fringe is a story about devotion and friendship, and how we are all connected to each other in some way. When I started out with this idea in my head I just wanted to write a fun ghost story with a little romance on the side. But then it evolved into something deeper…I wanted to write a romance that didn’t begin with love at first sight. I feel like that’s how it usually happens, where you know someone for a while before you realize you have feelings for them. That’s what I wanted to explore…and then I wondered what happens when you finally realize you love someone, but you lose them before you ever get to tell them? Of course there had to be an antagonist (or two), which completes the rest of the story—how revenge can follow you through the grave to the other side. Hopefully readers will get a good feel for the book’s mood and sense a real connection to the characters and the story.

EJ:  If your book(s) were being made into a movie, who would you cast for the leading roles? Why?

  Right off the bat that’s an easy question for one character. I love a show on Fox called, “So You Think You Can Dance” (maybe because I’m a lousy dancer), and I was totally drawn to Mark Kanemura from season 4 when I was writing “On the Fringe.” HE was Aden, especially in the dance called “The Garden.” It’s a crazy creepy dance – you can still look it up on YouTube. It’s a must-see!  Daniel: Travis Caldwell – Not only is he a really cute, but there is something about him that seems genuine and easy to love. Claire: Skyler Samuels – She is uniquely beautiful with a sweet innocence about her.

On The Fringe by Courtney King Walker

Claire is struggling to overcome the murder of her childhood friend and secret crush, Daniel. Everyone else seems to be moving on with their lives, but she's still trying to cope. The fact that she finds herself alone and drowning on her 16th birthday isn't helping.  Neither is thinking she sees Daniel's face in murky water as she mysteriously resurfaces. But something happened during those four and a half minutes that will make her realize it was not just her imagination.  As Claire and Daniel try to grasp a possible reconnection, other grudge-holding beings have plans of their own. Now, the two of them have to decide if their fleeting relationship is worth the possibility of Claire being trapped on the fringe forever.

Beautifully told, On the Fringe intertwines fresh ideas about devotion, revenge, and the consequences that come with life and death.

Thank you Courtney for joining us here today at From the Shadows!

To learn more about Courtney King Walker and her books, please visit her website.


  1. On the Fringe sounds like a really cool story. I enjoyed the interview, Ej, as always.
    Laurie's Interviews

  2. Excellent interview. Teleportation would come in handy when I'm late for meetings (I'm always late! LOL!) ON THE FRINGE sounds wonderfully creepy!

    Many great sales to you!


  3. I've been seeing this one pop up all over the place... the interview makes me want it more! I love hearing about the authors...

  4. Oh, I know this is late but I love the sound of this book! Ooh, teleporting would be awesome. You want a book... zip. You're at the bookshop. ;)
    The interview was amazing, so thanks E.J. and Courtney!

  5. I still remember that dance "The Garden" from So You Think You Can Dance". I downloaded that song right after the show ended. Very cool. I will get your book just because you said your character was based on that dance. :)

  6. Wow! The premise of your book sounds great! I'm intrigued! Thanks for sharing with us Courtney! and of course, Thanks E. J. for bringing us all these amazing authors.