Friday, February 5, 2010

Woman in White by E.J. Stevens

Woman in White

Traveling along the roadside
On this wet fog laden night
I catch a brief glimpse up ahead
Of a lone woman in white

Wondering if I can offer
Assistance to this lady fair
I dismount and call out to her
But she only turns to stare

What foul thing could have befallen
This damsel to strike her mute?
Perhaps then she is no fair lady
But a dame of ill repute

I shall take her with me
I’ll keep her warm in my bed
A reward for taking her in
From this road few others tread

Her presence could complicate things
As my wedding night draws near
So long as my wife’s family
Remain blind there’s naught to fear

A plan already taking form
I reach out to take her arm
But as the clouds move past the moon
Light shines on a wedding charm

Not a harlot then just a bride
Now obvious by her dress
Glowing white beneath the full moon
So lovely but in distress

Trying again to be helpful
I reach out to take her hand
Only then do I see the blood
Dripping onto rock and sand

In her right hand she held a knife
Her left clutched her husband’s heart
Her husband had been unfaithful
Tearing her world and mind apart

She looked with frenzied hatred on
A lecherous wretch like me
Quickly slashed head from body
Tossing the head into the sea

So hear me all unfaithful men
Attend these words of the dead
Beware of the Woman in White
Or you too may lose your head.

by E.J. Stevens
'Shadows of Myth and Legend'
Copyright 2010


  1. I love this poem! I had no idea where it was going to go. It has a nice twist at the end.

  2. i've always had trouble writing poetry, but you do it brilliantly!
    thanks for following my blog! :)

  3. I really admire those with poetic flair. It's beautiful EJ!

  4. I really envy those who can write poetry; I haven't a poetic bone in my body! The twist in the tale was nice!

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  6. Wonderful poem! I have written years back, and as well as my collage, a children's book. Your poem here. though dark, is a real message. I think more "than a few others tread" this road" in life. Great visuals in your words. I enjoyed it immensely! Kate {+:

  7. Very, Very nice...I love darker poetry. Kudos to you, E.J.

  8. Sorry, but it's a little funny that Sharm chose this poem to comment about finding love and peace in your blog... It's a little funny.

    Very compelling image you conjured up with this poem. Nice work.