Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Carpe Nocturne Magazine

Carpe Nocturne Magazine, a quarterly goth/industrial mag, will be returning March 1, 2010.

According to the press release:
After countless cards, letters and e-mails from our readers as wells being contacted by several of the top bands on the scene, it has been decided; CARPE NOCTURNE MAGAZINE Returns after over a 1 ½ year hiatus!
CARPE NOCTURNE’s return will pick up where it left off offering honest, non-bias, and extensive coverage of what some call “The New Dark Culture” (This includes the Goth / Industrial / EBM / Darkwave / SteamPunk / Cyber & Fetish Scenes and Culture) along with its music, art, body art, fashion and more.    Once again, CARPE NOCTURNE will do it best to offer support to the scene as well as supporting and co-sponsoring events.
CARPE NOCTURNE strongly supported the Blacksun Festival in New Haven, CT (3 Years), and co-sponsored the Eccentrik Festival in Raleigh/Durham, NC (2 Years), and the DarkStar Festival in Stamford, CT (1 Year).  In addition to supporting and co-sponsoring these US based festivals, CARPE NOCTURNE also offered extensive coverage of the Whitby Gothic Weekend (Whitby, UK), the Wave Gothik Treffin Festival (Leipzig, Germany) and several other events throughout Europe and will continue this support and coverage.