Saturday, January 7, 2017

Maine Author Giveaway

We have a special giveaway to celebrate Jeremy Remy's worldwide distribution of I.AM.MAINE and the release of C.L. Alden's debut novel THE EMPIRE.  Keep reading for a chance to win fabulous prizes!

Maine Author Giveaway Prize Pack

Maine Author Giveaway

We are giving away a Maine Author "Taste of Home" prize pack, including:

  • Signed copy of The Empire by C.L. Alden
  • Signed copy of I.Am.Maine by Jeremy Flagg
  • Authentic Maine Sea Glass
  • Predict-A-Pen
  • Strand Coffee Mug
  • Strand Postcard

To enter, please use the Rafflecopter form below.  This giveaway is International.  Giveaway ends January 20, 2017 7:00 PM EST.

a Rafflecopter giveaway
Have you lived in or visited Maine?


  1. What a great prize pack! I love both of the the books and the Strand coffee mug especially. I've been to Maine twice. Once in the early 90s and again in 2015. It's really beautiful.

  2. I have been to Maine, once, for about an hour. I was visiting my brother in NH and while we were driving around exploring, found out we were 10 minutes from Maine. My mom and I had never been there, so we crossed the line and went shopping at a store there, just long enough to get souvenirs to say we'd been to Maine!

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