Saturday, July 30, 2016

E.J. Stevens to Attend East Hampton NY Comic Con

E.J. Stevens to Attend East Hampton NY Comic Con August 7th

NEWS: E.J. Stevens will be signing books at the upcoming Comic Con in East Hampton hosted by Nancy Silberkleit co-CEO Archie Comics.

It's official!  I'm attending this fun Comic Con.  I will have Ivy Granger and Hunters' Guild trade paperbacks, ebook flash drives, and exclusive items (t-shirts, tote bags), and I'll have a limited supply of candy and free swag.  Stoker nominated author James Moore will also be there with books from his Seven Forges fantasy series.  You don't want to miss this event.
  • What: Comic Con
  • Where: 111 Cove Hollow Road, East Hampton, NY
  • When: Sunday, August 7th from 11:30 am to 5:00 pm.
  • Cost: FREE
The event is FREE to the public.  More details below!

East Hampton, NY - Experience the Zam, Wham, Pow at the first comic con in East Hampton! This exciting event will host many professional comic book creators and vendors and guarantees a day full of fun and excitement. Visitors will be able to speak with writers and artists as well as have the opportunity to purchase original works of art and collectibles.

Nancy Silberkleit is excited to be able to bring this event to the East Hampton community where she has been a resident for 21 years. When asked why she decided to host this event, Ms. Silberkleit said, "I wanted to bring my passion and excitement for comic books to share with our east end community.  Not only its how I found my love to reading, I believe in utilizing this format to get out topics that may be difficult to talk about such as Bullying, gun violence, various health issues, I  know we will have a wonderful day sharing our love for comic book art and stories."  Nancy Silberkleit is an avid, sought-after global speaker who will speak at 3pm on "Understanding the ingredients that go into the unacceptable behavior we call Bullying.

Hope to see you there!


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    1. Thank you, Laura! This is my first event in East Hampton. I'm looking forward to it. :)