Friday, November 27, 2015

The Bite Before Christmas Giveaway

The Bite Before Christmas paranormal book giveaway at From the Shadows win blood and mistletoe

Happy Black Friday!  In addition to the annual Black Friday Shadow Sight 99 cent Kindle deal, it's time for our Bite Before Christmas Giveaway.

Kick back, relax, and grab a slice of pie.  We're making it easy to enjoy these Black Friday events.

Bite Before Christmas Giveaway

We are giving away winner's choice of a signed trade paperback copy or signed postcard and ebook copy of BLOOD AND MISTLETOE!

Blood and Mistletoe Ivy Granger urban fantasy novella

Blood and Mistletoe (Ivy Granger #1.2) by E.J. Stevens.

Holidays are worse than a full moon for making people crazy. In Harborsmouth, where many of the residents are bloodsucking vampires or monstrous fae, the combination may prove deadly.

Ivy Granger, psychic private investigator, returns to the streets of Harborsmouth in this addition to the bestselling urban fantasy series.

Holidays are Hell, a point driven home when a certain demon attorney returns with information regarding a series of bloody murders. Five Harborsmouth residents have been killed and every victim has one thing in common—they are fae. Whoever is killing faeries must be stopped, but they only leave one clue behind—a piece of mistletoe floating in a pool of the victim's blood.

The holidays just got interesting. Too bad this case may drive Ivy mad before the New Year. Heck, she'll be lucky to survive Christmas.

Blood and Mistletoe is an Ivy Granger series novella.

Genre: Paranormal, Urban Fantasy
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  1. Spending with my family and friends! I love holidays! :D

  2. the magical feeling, everyone try to be kinder etc

  3. I love that the whole family is together!

    Betul E.

    1. Yes, we usually sit around and discuss books. :)

  4. Having a big family breakfast, then everyone going to read their Christmas books. Perfect!

  5. I love spending quality time with my family at this time of year! It's very special to me.

  6. Family, decorations and holiday music

  7. The gifts and reunion with my family

  8. I love watching my grandchildren ( 8 and 3 ) the 3-year-old is at that age of magic this year, and I am loving every minute I get with her, So happy to be able to be part of their lives.

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