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Paranormal Road Trip: Destination Nashville with Emmie Mears

Paranormal Road Trip: Destination Nashville with Emmie Mears

Come on boys and ghouls!  It's time to hop on Route 666 for a spooktacular Paranormal Road Trip.

This week's stop is Nashville, Tennessee and our special guide is Emmie Mears, author of the Ayala Storme urban fantasy series, including the new release ANY PORT IN A STORM.

Nashville's Top 5 Spooky Places

1. Percy Warner Park:

Percy Warner is the site of many of Ayala Storme's adventures -- and for good reason. The park is hilly, quiet, and blanketed in deciduous trees. Scattered in the clefts of the hills are ruins of old cottages, some reduced only to a stone chimney or a crumbled wall. Just southwest of Nashville, the park is the perfect site for paranormal activity or demon hotspots.

2. Gaylord Opryland Resort:

Contrary to its upscale, glittering appearance, the winding paths that snake through the insides of the Opryland Resort are just a bit eerie. It's said that The Black Lady haunts the hotel, an apparition cloaked in all black who has been seen throughout the hotel grounds. A labyrinth of indoor streams and foliage, it's hard to know if the rustling you hear is natural -- or supernatural.

3. The Hermitage:

Owned by former President Andrew Jackson, like many historical buildings the Hermitage is known as a hotbed of spiritual unrest. After it was acquired by the Ladies' Hermitage Association, the women who stayed overnight at the house experienced a wide variety of phenomena, branding the house with its spooky reputation.

4. Tennessee State Prison:

Remember the prison in the Green Mile? This prison is where they shot it. Prisons are another go-to in the paranormal activity world, and for good reason. Associated with violence (and violent death), anger, frustration, and claustrophobia, they are natural places where the disturbed spirits of criminals (and the wrongly accused) can haunt the living.

5. Ryman Auditorium:

If country music doesn't haunt you enough from the living, Hank Williams Sr.'s voice echoes through this still-popular music venue on occasion. A former tabernacle, the auditorium was first utilised as space for revivals and slowly evolved into the site of the Grand Ole Opry and hosted gatherings of Confederate veterans, which may explain why some have seen a Confederate soldier on the grounds.

Thank you Emmie for giving us such a haunting tour of Nashville!  

To learn more about Emmie Mears and her books, please visit her website.  You can add the Ayala Storme urban fantasy series here on Goodreads.

Any Port in a Storm urban fantasy Ayala Storme series by Emmie Mears

Have you ever visited Nashville?  Ever had a paranormal experience in Tennessee?

What did you think of Emmie's picks for spooky places?

On our last Paranormal Road Trip we visited Savannah, Georgia with Emily Cyr.  Next week I'll be on my way back from Authors After Dark, but the following week we'll be traveling to New York City with Victoria Davies.

Join us for another spine-tingling Paranormal Road Trip...
if you dare!

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