Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Audiobook Release + Giveaway: Blood and Mistletoe

We're celebrating the audiobook release of BLOOD AND MISTLETOE with a fabulous giveaway.

Just in time for Audiobook Month!

Audiobook Release Blood and Mistletoe by E.J. Stevens urban fantasy Ivy Granger series

Blood and Mistletoe (Ivy Granger #1.5) by E.J. Stevens, narrated by Melanie A. Mason and David-Wilson Brown.

Holidays are worse than a full moon for making people crazy. In Harborsmouth, where many of the residents are bloodsucking vampires or monstrous fae, the combination may prove deadly.

Ivy Granger, psychic private investigator, returns to the streets of Harborsmouth in this addition to the bestselling urban fantasy series.

Holidays are Hell, a point driven home when a certain demon attorney returns with information regarding a series of bloody murders. Five Harborsmouth residents have been killed and every victim has one thing in common—they are fae. Whoever is killing faeries must be stopped, but they only leave one clue behind—a piece of mistletoe floating in a pool of the victim's blood.

The holidays just got interesting. Too bad this case may drive Ivy mad before the New Year. Heck, she'll be lucky to survive Christmas.

Genre:  Paranormal, Urban Fantasy
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Now available in audiobook at Audible, Amazon, and iTunes!

About the Ivy Granger Series

The Ivy Granger series is an urban fantasy series written by E.J. Stevens. The series is told in the first-person point-of-view of Ivy Granger, a psychic detective with ties to the paranormal underworld of Harborsmouth—ties that ensnare Ivy and her friend Jinx in the Machiavellian schemes of the city's teeming population of bloodsucking vampires and psychotic faeries.

About the Author

E.J. Stevens author of the Ivy Granger urban fantasy series.

E.J. Stevens is the author of the SPIRIT GUIDE young adult paranormal romance series, the HUNTERS' GUILD urban fantasy series, and the award-winning IVY GRANGER urban fantasy series. She is known for filling pages with quirky characters, bloodsucking vampires, psychotic faeries, and snarky, kick-butt heroines.

When E.J. isn't at her writing desk, she enjoys dancing along seaside cliffs, singing in graveyards, and sleeping in faerie circles. E.J. currently resides in a magical forest on the coast of Maine where she finds daily inspiration for her writing.

About the Narrators

Melanie Mason voice actress narrator Blood and Mistletoe

Melanie A. Mason:  There has never been a moment when Melanie Mason wasn’t interested in telling a story, either one of hers or someone else’s. She is an accomplished Actor, Director, Audiobook Narrator and Voice-Over Artist. Her voice work includes Web Spokesperson, anime, commercial and film. She holds a BFA in Theatre Performance and an MS in Information Science, with a focus on Storytelling. She has been a University faculty member for over a decade teaching Communication Studies and Broadcast Communication.

David Wilson Brown voice actor narrator Blood and Mistletoe

David Wilson-Brown:  Actor, director, and audiobook narrator David Wilson-Brown has been a storyteller since he can remember.  His numerous credits range from stage, to film, to voice-over work for numerous anime and live action projects.  He received his B.F.A. in performance and his M.F.A. in acting.

Blood and Mistletoe Audiobook Giveaway

We are giving away a BLOOD AND MISTLETOE audiobook download, signed postcard, and button to one lucky winner!

To enter, please use the Rafflecopter form below.  This giveaway is INTERNATIONAL.  Audiobook available to anyone who can download books from Audible.com.  Giveaway ends June 30th.

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Happy Audiobook Month!


  1. While I am doing chores around the house.

    1. Yes! I love listening to audiobooks while dusting my bookshelves, or doing dishes. :)

  2. totry out while closing my eyes when I have migraine

    1. I do this too! I can't read a physical book when I have a migraine, but an audiobook is a great escape from the headache pain.

  3. Replies
    1. I can listen as a passenger, but I've never mastered the art of listening to an audiobook while driving. I become too engrossed in the story. ;)

  4. Also the car. We take a long drive for family at least once a month and the audiobook makes it so much better.

    1. Family road trips definitely sound like a good time for audiobooks. :)

  5. I work outside for my job, so I listen to audiobooks all day long! It's great, it helps my day go faster when I get to listen to a story!

    1. That's fantastic! Audiobooks really do make the time fly by. :)

  6. I'm retired, so anytime, anywhere, except while driving. I tried it once, but had to keep rewinding, because I couldn't concentrate on both the road and the story. The road won!

    Bonnie Hilligoss

  7. I work at home so I like to listen while I'm working. I also like to listen in the car, although I don't drive as much now.

    1. There are definitely some wonderful perks to working from home, and listening to audiobooks is one of them. :)

  8. My favorite place to listen to audiobooks is anywhere I go. I have my audible app on my phone and headphones in my purse, so I'm ready to listen anywhere. :)

    1. I do this too! I love the Audible app and the Kindle app for my phone. I'm never without a good book. :)