Monday, December 22, 2014

Paranormal Road Trip: Destination Eden, Kentucky with Sharon Buchbinder

Paranormal Road Trip: Spooky Places in Eden, Kentucky with Sharon Buchbinder

Come on boys and ghouls!  It's time to hop on Route 666 for a spooktacular Paranormal Road Trip.  This week's stop is the fictional town of Eden, Kentucky and our special guide is Sharon Buchbinder, author of Kiss of the Silver Wolf.

Eden, Kentucky. Sounds idyllic, doesn’t it? On first blush, it seems like a trip to a golden age of America. A small town with friendly people who produce some of the finest apples in the United States. Take a moment. Look at that delicious red apple you’re about to bite into. Where did it come from? Perhaps it came from one of the eeriest orchards in the country.

Eden, Kentucky's Top 5 Spooky Places

The Orchards: Apple orchards abound in Eden, providing income to the close-knit community. They also serve as playgrounds for the pack at night on full moons, where pups and elders can doff their human bodies and revel in their werewolf forms. If   hunters would leave them alone, it would be perfect.

The Mine: Homeland Security Special Agent Eliana Solomon is hot on the trail of a jinni portal, and the energy signature is coming from an abandoned mine. She sends a scout down the shaft to get more data—and hauls up a corpse with a warning carved into his forehead.

The General Store: A wrap around porch invites you to sit a spell and sip some coffee or cider while you pass the time chatting with neighbors about the apple crop. Inside, a variety of goods await you that would seem fine—if you were living in the 1800’s and drove a horse-drawn buggy. This is no backdrop in an amusement park for ambiance. This store serves the entire town of Eden and surrounding rural areas. There is no ordering online. There is no “online” in Eden. There are no cell phones, no televisions, no modern electronic devices, at all. Due to interference from the jinn, nothing modern works in this particular corner of the world. 

The Hollow: When Charlene Johnson takes a bus driver job to supplement her apple orchard income, she works for the beguiling, silver-haired Zack Abingdon. After extensive training, he warns her repeatedly to get the kids home before sundown. She worries about communication, since her cell phone doesn’t work in Eden. Zack tells her to use the radio, but sometimes in the hollows and near the mining camp, it won’t work. One day, while driving the children home from school, a thick green fog mist blankets the road in the hollow and a pack of black dogs runs in front of the bus. Charlene swerves to avoid hitting them and the bus crashes. When she comes to, it is sundown, and the reason why the kids are supposed to home before dark is revealed.

The Woods by the Mine: The only place worse than the mine is the forested area around it. The evil jinni is intent on wreaking revenge against the Carter pack for killing a member of his clan. He wants Charlene and lures her to the woods with his whispers. Can Zack arrive in time to save her?

Thank you Sharon for giving us such a haunting tour of Eden!  

To learn more about Sharon Buchbinder and her books, please visit her website, and don't miss our Q+A with Sharon Buckbinder here at From the Shadows.  You can add Kiss of the Silver Wolf here on Goodreads.

Paranormal Road Trip: Destination Eden, Kentucky with Sharon Buchbinder author of Kiss of the Silver Wolf

What did you think of Sharon Buchbinder's picks for spooky places?

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Join us for another spine-tingling Paranormal Road Trip...
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  1. these sound kind of spooky

  2. These sound really cool. I'm adding this book to my TBR list.

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