Monday, July 21, 2014

Q+A with Matthew Pallamary (A Short Walk to the Other Side)

Please welcome today's paranormal guest author Matthew Pallamary!  Matthew is the author of A Short Walk to the Other Side, The Small Dark Room of the Soul, and co-author of DreamLand.

Q+A with Matthew Pallamary

EJ:  When did you begin writing?

  I always had a knack for it. English was my best subject in school. I got serious about writing novels in 1983 when a good friend got killed on his motorcycle, which prompted me to embark on that first (unpublished) novel. Prior to that I was a drummer and vocalist in rock and country/rock bands and I was writing songs and poetry, but the sudden death of my friend hit me hard and set me on my writing path. 

EJ:  What brought you to the paranormal genre?

  I grew up in the Dorchester neighborhood of Boston and grew up with lots of darkness and violence. That first novel was titled "Afterlife - The Adventures of a Lost Soul" which was about a guy who gets killed on his motorcycle and wakes up outside his body, then gets led astray by demonic spirits who lure him into possessing unsuspecting people - primarily hard core alcoholics. When I started writing short stories, they came out dark. I was a fan of monster movies growing up, loved Stephen King and was enthralled with the Exorcist. (By the way, I see you are also a Maniac like Mr. King.)  (note: I believe there's a correlation between the number of fantasy/horror writers in Maine and the length of our winters. -EJ.)  I have always been drawn to the darkness and have made a lifetime work of pursuing it - that is what drew me to the Amazon and visionary plants that I work with there.

EJ:  If you could be any paranormal or have any one supernatural talent, what would it be? Why?

I think teleportation, but I am greedy and would like the ability to be in multiple places at the same time. I have had this type of experience in my visions in the jungle and see reality as multidimensional. The sensation of being everywhere and nowhere at the same time is exquisite and a glimpse I think of omniscience.

EJ:  Tell us why readers will enjoy your new release.

  I have a couple of new releases. Most recently, "A Short Walk to the Other Side" came out, my second short story collection dedicated to my mentor Ray Bradbury who was my writing "Fairy Godfather".

I am tickled to share that it was a Finalist in the International Book Awards. As in my life, my work dances between the boundaries of what is real and imagined. It wasn’t a conscious intention on my part, but in retrospect, I  see and I have been told by many that it carries on the tradition of Ray Bradbury which is an immense honor. Ray was an incredible inspiration and I was blessed to know and be friends with him for over 20 years.

EJ:  A Short Walk to the Other Side has been compared to The Twilight Zone, X-Files, and Amazing Stories.  If your book was being made into a movie or TV show, who would you cast for the leading roles? Why?

Thank you for your kind words of support for “Short Walk”. Though she is not a television actress, I am a big fan of Jennifer Lawrence. Her talent and acting range is amazing. I could also envision Bradley Cooper, Matthew MConaughey, Scarlett Johansson, Sarah Michelle Gellar, Julianne Moore to name a few. There are numerous stories in “Short Walk”, so there is a wide range of roles.

On another note, the characters in DreamLand are modeled after Morgan Freeman, Jack Nicholson, Shirley Maclaine, Penelope Cruz, and Antonio Banderas to name a few.

A Short Walk to the Other Side: A Collection of Short Stories by Matthew Pallamary.

"Bravo! More!" from Ray Bradbury for Matthew J. Pallamary's short stories.

A Short Walk to the Other Side is a second short story collection of supernatural, metaphysical, science fiction, and horror stories following "The Small Dark Room of the Soul" by multiple award winning author Matthew J. Pallamary, which examines the shadow side of human nature.

Genre: Horror, Paranormal, Science Fiction
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Thank you Matthew for joining us here today at From the Shadows!

To learn more about Matthew Pallamary and his books, please visit his website.

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