Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Character Interview: The Blend Series

Please welcome today's paranormal guest author Lori Pescatore.  Lori is the author of Human Blend, Earth Blend, and Terminal Blend.

Lori: Hello, My name is Lori Pescatore. I am the Author of The Blend Series; Human Blend, Earth Blend and Terminal Blend. Today I have with me the main protagonist of the series, Julie. Welcome, Julie.

Julie:  Thank you.

Lori:  The books are about your life and struggles to live a normal life. Do you think you will be able to achieve that goal?

Julie:  Highly improbable given my circumstances, but can't blame a girl for trying.

Lori:  How has your character changed over the course of the trilogy?

Julie:  I grew up emotionally, I think. I had let my physical age rule my mental age when it should have been the other way around. I feel I've also defined the relationships in my life to a degree.

Lori:  Ah, yes, the love triangle seemed to grow a bit as the books continued.

Julie:  I think it was more me trying to sort out my true feelings and understand what I wanted or didn't want in my life.

Lori:  Have you come to control the abilities that made you stand out?

Julie:  That is still a work in progress. I have managed to come to an understanding about how they work. Some I enjoy like the healing, but others, I would rather they be locked away forever.

Lori:  Some characters do not survive in this series; how hard was that for you to deal with?

Julie:  Is there a way to deal with it? If you know of a way, please tell me. The hardest part is when you are responsible for that loss, whether directly or indirectly. I still have nightmares.

Lori:  Are you sad the series is over?

Julie:  The series in print may be over, but I will still continue on. My life doesn't stop just because we've ended the writing of it.

Lori:  Does that mean you might be open to another one at some point?

Julie:  I think I should be asking you that question.

Lori:  I think we are out of time, thank you for stopping by. Maybe we will run into each other again some day.

Julie:  You know where to find me.

Terminal Blend (Blend #3) by Lori Pescatore

An Epic battle is brewing. Can Julie's newly unleashed abilities help save her and her friends? Prepare for a war of otherworldly proportions where the unexpected becomes the norm and nothing is what it seems. Is Julie the key to saving the Earth and her people or will she once again need the help of her Earthling friends? Not everyone will survive as the playing field shifts and consequences will extend throughout the universe.
Terminal Blend is the final installment in The Blend Trilogy. In Human Blend we met a girl named Julie on the run from her past. Her unique abilities made her hunted prey. Along the way she encountered some amazing people like Eli, an Earthling who wanted nothing more than to protect her and Marcus, who was like her and explained the truth of their origins. Add into the mix a boy named Austin, who unearthed a few secrets of his own. In Earth Blend we heard the back story to the supernatural creatures introduced in book one. In the final installment, the lies mount and Julie must find a way to cope with the new threat that could destroy everything and everyone she holds dear. Come immerse yourself in the final chapter of this amazing trilogy.

Thank you Lori for joining us here today at From the Shadows!

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  1. Great interview. This sounds like an emotional read. I haven't even started it and it stinks that some characters die :( This sounds like a great trilogy. I can't wait to check this out. Thank you for the great character interview guys :D