Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Air Novella: Exclusive Excerpt + Book Giveaway

Please welcome today's paranormal guest author J.D. Richard!  J.D. is sharing an exclusive excerpt from her novella Air and giving away the choice of one large-print paperback or one PDF of Air to two lucky winners.

Air by J.D. Richard

Prepare to feast your mind on the death defying, thrilling, and unexpected! Smarty and Speedy are two boys in the wrong place at the wrong time. They become the unwitting executors of a supernatural artisan's estate. Consequently, the two must flee in terror for their lives from a threat that is set upon them—which they cannot see or touch. Three years later Essie, a runaway, balks at inheriting her cousin's three-year-old son. She is sure that the way to deliverance from her drifter existence lies in attending the prestigious Mann University. Yet, the seemingly ordinary child, with an aura in the magic rings around his neck, and his insightful German shepherd protector defy that logic.

Air Excerpt - Exclusive for From The Shadows

. . . She was about to lower the car seat and interrupt the baby's play for transfer.  Then she stopped mid-task.

The new vision in front of Juliana altered her present reality.  As it started, she recognized the painting that was hanging on the stone wall in front of her.  Its presence identified the exact location of the scene that she was viewing.
Welcome visitors that walked from the entryway and foyer into the living room of her house always mistook the work as masterfully, singular, modern art.  Indeed it was.  The painting was Juliana’s own oil on canvas rendering of air and energy licking one another into flames.
For simplicity, she told everyone that asked that the work was simply one interpretation of what she had envisioned a person seeing from within the majesty of her husband’s forge.
Juliana’s mind parted the perspective.  She went from being her own eyes as an onlooker in her vision to having a tasteless, soundless, odorless, and numb side view.  With such limitation, she knew that she was seeing herself in the future.
Her future self sat in anticipation when two male intruders entered the living room by the front door.  They had the same gait and build of the once passed-out, robed figures from the cavern.  A corner of Juliana’s mind recalled Gifre’s mention of sending them for her.
Her future self stood to back away from the invaders.  One of them, with blond hair and dark eyebrows, quickly advanced forward to grab her by the neck.  He had her pinned against the fireplace, still strangling her.

The baby’s curious stare materialized before Juliana's lowered eyes, signaling her mind’s return to her present reality.  The last cycle of the mobile tune stopped in mid-play.  The car seat had fallen from her hand the short distance to the hardwood floor. . . .

Thank you J.D. for joining us here today at From the Shadows!

To learn more about J.D. Richard and her books, please visit her website.

**Air Novella Giveaway**

We are giving away winner's choice of one large-print paperback or one PDF of Air by J.D. Richard to each of two contest winners.

To enter, please comment on this post including your email address so we may contact you if you win.  You do not have to follow or subscribe to From the Shadows to enter.  This giveaway is international (ebook copies) with the choice of paperback copies open to the US, UK, and Canada.  Giveaway ends February 23rd midnight EST.


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