Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween!

Halloween greetings from your favorite Spirit Guide series characters:

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Can you match the characters to the monsters?

Hint: Check out the character pics below.

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  1. E.J.
    Stopped by to say hi and see how your writing is going. I see that it goes well and I see your profile photo on many blogs.
    My first novel "Splattered Blood" will be coming out in about a month. If you haven't seen the link under my profile in FB, pls ck it out and "like" the link

  2. Simon is hot!!! I know I sound like a fan girl but can't help blushing with him looking at me like that. Emma is a lucky girl. *wink*
    Yuki is super cute. Wish I have a snow white skin like that. Hehe