Saturday, August 6, 2011

Spirit Guide Series News: Release Dates, Revisions + More!

This has been a busy week with exciting news regarding the Spirit Guide YA paranormal series.

New Release:  We now have an official release date for the third book in the Spirit Guide series.  Legend of Witchtrot Road releases October 4, 2011.

Legend of Witchtrot Road (Spirit Guide #3) by E.J. Stevens

The night of Samhain may be behind them, but Yuki and her friends have only begun to face the challenges of their paranormal gifts. Tensions are rising--in the pack, at school, and within their tightly knit group of friends. 

Surviving agitated ghosts, irritated witches, angry werewolves, and the horrors of high school has never been so hard. 

New Books:  The Spirit Guide series continues!  We have officially begun work on Brush with Death (Spirit Guide #4) and The Pirate Curse (Spirit Guide #5) each with an estimated 2012 release.  A Spirit Guide series supplemental, The Calvin and Yuki Diaries, is also expected to release in 2012.

New Mailings:  To celebrate the upcoming release of Legend of Witchtrot Road, I have sent signed postcards featuring the spooktacular Legend of Witchtrot Road cover art to everyone on my mailing list.  Yes, even international fans received personalized postcards!

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New Giveaways:  Do you like winning free books and swag?  If so, be sure to visit the Contests and Giveaways page at the official Spirit Guide series website for up-to-date information and links to fab giveaways.

New Tour Info:  I will be on tour launching the release of Legend of Witchtrot Road during September and October.  I'll be visiting book blogs throughout the tour and these amazing sites will be hosting a variety of interviews, guest blogs, and giveaways.  We will also be having a HUGE book release party here at From the Shadows with loads of prizes.  Stay tuned for more tour updates.

New Editions:  As the anniversary of the first Spirit Guide series book release approaches, and as ereader technology evolves, we have revisited the first two books in the series.  Sacred Oaks Press announced earlier this week that all Spirit Guide series books have been reformatted for a more enjoyable reading experience.  Kindle uploads of She Smells the Dead and Spirit Storm are now reformatted and updated with series excerpts.

Happy Reading!


  1. That's great news! I'm so excited for you and for me! Cause I thought THE LEGEND OF WITCHTROT ROAD would be the last book and I'm glad there are many more on the way!!!!

  2. Thank you Amber!

    The next two books in the Spirit Guide series are filled with mystery, romance, and fun new spooky adventures for Yuki, Emma, Cal, and Simon. I can't wait for 2012!

    I am also excited for the opportunity to give additional pre-She Smells the Dead back story and delve deeper into the inner thoughts, emotions, and motivations for two of my favorite characters in The Calvin and Yuki Diaries. :)

    Paranormal Author E.J. Stevens
    From the Shadows

  3. Such good news =) I love your series. Thanks E.J.