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Book Review: Laney (The Brookehaven Vampires)

Laney (The Brookehaven Vampires #1) by Joann I. Martin Sowles.

What would you give to be with the one you love?  Would you give it all, including your life?

In a small college town in Northern California, Laney Alexander leads a regular, uneventful life–that is, until the charming and alluring Oliver Knight enters her world. Who is this gorgeous and mysterious stranger? Or, rather, what is he?  As Laney’s sophomore year of college begins, so does an unbelievable adventure–including a love she didn’t know she longed for. She soon learns that Oliver is not ordinary, nor is the rest of his family, including a sister who openly hates her and a brother who will stop at nothing for revenge. As she fights for her life, and Oliver’s love, Laney discovers that the fictional world of vampires isn’t so fictional after all. Nobody is safe, especially Laney, Oliver’s most important priority, and he will stop at nothing to protect her. With her mortality at risk, and a commitment revealed that she, without a doubt, knows she wants, Laney’s life takes a thrilling and terrifying turn…


Leaves you dying to sink your teeth into book two.  Laney is the first book in the The Brookehaven Vampires series by Joann I. Martin Sowles.  This is an exciting new vampire series, but not judge this book by the opening chapters.  Laney begins very slowly.  The first half of this book is setting the stage for the events to come, with a gradual build up to the breakneck, edge of your seat action and suspense of the final chapters.  Delaney "Laney" Alexander is a fairly normal college Sophomore.  She's of average intelligence, average height, average weight, and average motivation for school, but when her overachieving roommate has a fainting spell moments after meeting the hottest guy on campus Laney's life becomes anything but average.  Laney and hot new guy Oliver Knight have an unnatural magnetic attraction that quickly becomes an obsession...for both of them.  Some readers may see parallels with another popular vampire series (there are vamps and an overprotective stalker type boyfriend), but I found myself completely sucked into the second half of Laney and cannot wait for book two.  The chemistry between the characters, though not always healthy, works.  Young adult paranormal romance fans will love the steamy tension between Laney and Oliver and there is just enough scary "oh my god do not do up that alley" suspense and fang action to thrill urban fantasy fans.  A wonderful beginning to a promising new vampire series.

I recommend Laney (The Brookehaven Vampires #1) to readers of paranormal romance, young adult, urban fantasy, speculative fiction, and especially to fans of vampire fiction.  Laney may appeal to fans of the Twilight Saga by Stephenie Meyer, the Blue Bloods series by Melissa de la Cruz, the Hush, Hush series by Becca Fitzpatrick, and Soul In Love by Vone Savan.

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