Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Wicked Leanore's Holiday Visit + Giveaway

Please welcome today's guest author Leanore Elliott!  Leanore has had a busy 2010 and is here to tell us about her new releases and a fab giveaway to celebrate the New Year.

Leanore:  It's been awhile since I last visited with EJ and I missed her (the Mythical Muse that she is.)  I am stopping by to give a peek at some of my new books. I have written 10 in the last year. Three series books for a total of 8 full novels. Then I tried my hand at novellas and I wrote two of those.  So, you can all see why it's hard to decide what all to talk about here.  Well, two books are coming out in January. One is my second in the Beasts Series: Beasts Of Desire. This story, as all my books are is a stand alone read, even if it is in a series. Released by Wild Horse Press on January 13, 2011.

The wonders of this series of Beasts starts anew with Damon and Alex. They have a forbidden desire for each other and when they quenched this 100-year-old yearning? Alex was lost to the cosmos. Damon chases her from dimension to dimension as she forgets him and her life of before. There is a 15 page erotic scene, where he uses all his seductive powers to get her to remember him. Truly, a wicked thing to write, I admit!


Beasts of Desire (Beasts, book 2) by Leanore Elliott

Alex Rayne knows who she is, but she wonders about her family. Where did she come from and why does she feel like something is missing from her life?

Here is a peek:

Damon chuckled. "How about Truth or Dare for a getting to know one another method?"
She pulled her head back."What?"
"I ask you a question and you answer with either truth or a dare."
"That’s ridiculous." She rolled her eyes.
"Well then, kissing it is." He lowered his lips again.
She stilled. "Okay!"
He winked at her. "Now let me see?"
Alex released a disgusted sigh and squirmed, attempting to loosen his hold.
He glanced down with mock aggravation. "Will you just behave for a second?"
"Me?" She made a disgusted sound. "You are the one sitting on me naked!"
"And you are the one that busted into my shower while I was naked." He chuckled.

The next release could be out this month, however it may be set for the first week of January: due to the wonderful talented editors at Knight. They are tenacious when it comes to releasing a finely tuned book! This will be The Nocturnal Seduction Line Premiere from Knight Romance Publishing. Nowhere, Arizona: The Sunset Warrior.  And it will seduce you from page one, to the very end! Maddy, a corporate executive is sent to Nowhere Arizona, on a death-bed request from her mother. She meets Devon and her life is literally turned inside out. This book is highly erotic and quirky at times, as we learn the Nothing Way of life. The second book is already in with the publisher and Titled: Gateway to the Sun. 

Nowhere Arizona: The Sunset Warrior by Leanore Elliott

For the first time in her orderly life, Maddy Sayers is lost.  She is lost in Nowhere, but does she really want to go back to find  that world of everything?

Madeline knew where she was going in life, reaching up the ladder for everything that money allowed.  She faced the most powerful men in the world of business everyday with no fear and no hesitation.  Suddenly she finds herself in Nowhere, where everything...? Means nothing at all.  Out of the desert mirages appears Devon, he is everything that Madeline fears, and everything that she wants/  He sets out to seduce her into feeling alive.  Her world is shaken when he takes her on a journey filled with splendid color and heated seduction.  Can she really live for nothing in order to gain everything?  Can she see herself through the eyes of a Sunset Warrior?

I always tell a story when I visit and this time, I’ll tell it by giving away my newest unpublished novella for your enjoyment. It's different a Western Paranormal Romance: Lace and Leather.

Leanore:  Thank you EJ, and I wish all of you a Happy Holiday!

EJ:  Thank you Leanore for joining us here today at From the Shadows!

To learn more about Leanore Elliott and her books, please visit her website.

**Lace and Leather eBook Giveaway**

Everyone who leaves a comment and email address will receive a pdf copy of Lace and Leather by Leanore Elliott! 

To enter, please leave a comment on this post including your email address (so we may send you an ebook copy of Lace and Leather).  You do not have to be a follower to enter (though I always appreciate a follow!).  This giveaway is International!  Giveaway ends January 7th midnight EST.


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  20. Leanore was busy the last couple of days, and didn't make it back to The Shadows! We finished writing The beholder. This is the second book in the Giveaway for 2011. I wish to thank EJ for spotting-lighting me!What she has built here at this wonderful blog,is awesome!
    I see there are some new sign ups for the 2011 list! All of you will receive a PDF of L&L. Plus, in a day or so... look for 'The Beholder' in your mail! This tale turned out wonderful and intriguing as you get to find out why 'He' is The Beholder. This novella is so sexy and seductive.
    Thanks everyone for your responses and the time you took to visit with Leanore.

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