Monday, November 29, 2010

Guest Author Interview: T. Lynne Tolles

Please welcome today's guest author T. Lynne Tolles!  T. Lynne is the author of  Blood of a Werewolf, Blood Moon, Blood Lust, Bloodstone Heart and Somber Island.

EJ:  When did you begin writing?

T. Lynne:
  I began writing in the summer of 2009.  I had been reading tons of books that spring and burned myself out a bit on reading.  One of the author's I had been reading had said on her website that she got an idea and just started writing. I had been thinking about it myself, but it was she that pushed me to try. (If you are wondering it was Ellen Schreiber of Vampire Kisses)

EJ:  What brought you to the paranormal genre?

T. Lynne: 
I've been reading about witches, vampires and werewolves for as long as I can remember. My addiction became an addiction to others around me - my mom, my stepmother, etc.
Maybe it has to do with all those late night Creature Features I used to watch on Friday night when I was a kid.

EJ:  If you could be any paranormal or have any one supernatural talent, what would it be? Why?

T. Lynne: 
I think I would have to say I would like to be born vampire from my book series.  They have all of the cool things vampires have, without being horrific killers.  They don't have the insatiable lust for blood and they can blend in.

Why? No diseases, colds or ailments and the always looking like you did when you were younger has it's perks too.

EJ:  Tell us why readers will enjoy your new release.

T. Lynne: 
I kind of released all my books at once except for book 4 in the series, so that is a little tough to say about all books, but to sum up the books in a whole, I would say that the stories are plausible, the dialog is fun,  humorous at times and the characters are very loveable.  For a while I had a crush on Devon, one of the characters in my book, which was hard to explain to say - my husband... All the books have a good story to back them up and when you like the characters, it becomes an easy read.

EJ:  If your book(s) were being made into a movie, who would you cast for the leading roles? Why?

That's way too easy, but rather embarrassing. I base my characters on movie/tv stars so I can go right down the line of the cast and tell you who they are.

Darby O'Rielly - a shorter Blake Lively
Rowan O'Rielly - Amanda Seyfried
Devon Bloomington - Orlando Bloom
Blake Bloomington - Jared Padalecki
Dean Wolfe - Matthew Fox
Dominic Larsen - Tom Selleck
Sally Keaton - Kristen Kreuk
Anton Larsen - Chris Evans
Libby Larsen - Katherine Heigl (long haired version)
That will get you through the first 3 books, you want more? me on my website.

Somber Island by T. Lynne Tolles.

Phoebe MacIntire, who is a servant to her father and sisters in her own house in Scotland in 1855, is an ordinary girl, with no big dreams for the future. She's perfectly happy in her humble life, with her cot in the basement and her little garden in the backyard. But when her father up and sends her to Newfoundland to be the lifelong servant to Lord Jacobs, she finds her life gets turned upside down.  Her journey across the Atlantic to her new home is long, scary and very unpleasant. When she arrives at the manor on a small island, she finds the beautiful place abandoned and only a note waits for her explaining her duties, the strange dietary requirements, and sleeping habits of her new master.  The very first night in her new home she's haunted in her dreams by a woman who clearly does not want her there and a strange blue-eyed man-wolf creature that follows the woman. Her dreams become more and more violent and mysteries start to be uncovered about a woman who was killed in a fire on the island, a creature that preys on anyone that comes to the island and a love story gone wrong that dates back over a hundred and twenty two years. 

Join Phoebe as she explores the past, delving into witchcraft, and vampirism to help a brother save another from a life of sadness and misconception, making some amazing and surprising friends along the way.

Thank you T. Lynne for joining us here today at From the Shadows!

To learn more about T. Lynne Tolles and her books, please visit her website.


  1. Hi EJ :)
    Thank you for introducing me to another author!
    Thanks to T. Lynne Tolles for sharing here.
    Love the cover & blurb for SOMBER ISLAND.
    All the best,

  2. One of my favorite authors. I've read the series, Blood Lust being my favorite. I'll be first in line to order Somber Island. Great interview!

    Lori Pescatore

  3. Hi!! I absolutely love your casting call! Now we just need to make the movies..... Thanks EJ for another informative and fun author glimpse. All My best wishes for you, T!!

  4. O! I forgot to mention I am looking forward to Somber Island too! The artwork is catchy and the blurb is excellent!

  5. Thanks Lori, Laurie and RK Charron for stopping by. It's always nice to get feedback.

  6. Great interview, E.J.! I will definitely have to check out the Blood Series as they sound really good. Thanks for introducing me to another great author!

    BTW: The cover for Somber Island is fantastic. Looking forward to reading that too.

  7. Thanks for dropping by JL.

  8. T. Lynne, is Somber Island a temporary break from your previous Blood stories? Or is this a more permanent change from Urban style to someting more like a Period Romance?

  9. Great interview and I love the fantasy cast! I'm going to add her books to my TBR list!

    Evie @ Paromantasy

  10. Hi T! Great interview :-)
    Best wishes!

  11. Thank you for the wonderful interview, E.J. and T. Lynne Tolles! Best with all your books, T., and I agree that Somber Island sounds fascinating and the cover art is gorgeous!

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  13. Great interview ya'll. I'll just go ahead and say I've read Somber Island and enjoyed it. Are there going to be more like it?

  14. Hi Penny! Not sure! I'm taking a little breather after finishing up the last volume of the Blood Series, but I've got some ideas coming together. Thanks for asking! Have a great weekend.

  15. Teresa,
    I'm so happy to enter a contest/giveaway that includes actual print books that you can hold.

    Lea Ellen {night owl in IL}

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