Friday, August 27, 2010

Book Review: The Poison Diaries

The Poison Diaries (The Poison Diaries, book 1) by Maryrose Wood, The Duchess of Northumberland.

Jessamine Luxton has lived all her sixteen years in an isolated cottage near Alnwick Castle, with little company apart from the plants in her garden.  Her father, Thomas, a feared and respected apothecary, has taught her much about the incredible powers of plants:  that even the most innocent looking weed can cure--or kill.  So it is no wonder that she has always longed to explore the locked garden that is her father's pride and obsession--his poison garden, which contains exotic and local specimens of the most dangerous plants in the world.  But to Jessamine's frustration, Thomas forbids her from entering it.

But her life changes forever the day a traveler brings an orphan to their cottage, claiming that the young man has special gifts that Thomas might value.  Jessamine is intrigued by the stranger, who goes by the name of Weed.  His sensitivity to growing things is extraordinary, and he seems to have even more rare and specialized knowledge about plants than Thomas does.  As Jessamine begins to fall in love with Weed, she is drawn into a dangerous world of the poison garden in a way she never could have imagined.

Plants can be categorized as helpful or deadly, it is in their nature, but what excuse for the nature of manThe Poison Diaries illustrates the dark side of humanity and the selfish, obsessive nature of man.  Some of the characters in this novel are horrifically cruel and yet Jessamine is a young, naive girl who has been sheltered all of her sixteen years.  When lonely Jessamine meets Weed their love blossoms, but can a love so sweet and pure survive amidst the harsh dark world in which they live?  The Poison Diaries was a dark, melancholy love story with an unusual paranormal twist.  Maryrose Wood builds a suspenseful series of events that leaves the reader breathless and wanting the second book in the series. 

I recommend The Poison Diaries to readers of fantasy, historical fiction, and especially to fans of paranormal romance.  Though this book has been categorized as young adult, this is a dark novel without the lightness that many YA readers may expect.

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  1. I actually want to read this book. I watched an interview with the author and I thought I should check out her writing.

  2. I *just* got this book -- I am so eager to read it!!