Monday, January 18, 2010

PRG 2010 Book Challenge

Welcome to the Paranormal Romance Guild 2010 Book Challenge! 
Below is a list of member authors and their current available titles.  As membership grows and as more titles are released throughout 2010 I will add to the list.  I'll post my monthly progress with the challenge and would love to hear about your progress as well.  Let's see how many titles we can read before 2011!

Kelly Abell
Haunted Destiny
Sealed in Lies
Captured in Lies
Just Married in Lies
Online Angel

Angelique Armae
Come the Night
The Tangled Web
Dead Walkers: The Protectorate
Shadows of the Soul

Shannon Bailey
The Haunted Hillerman House
Her Knight With a Shining Star
Forever David's
Develyn's Tale
The End of the Order

Regan Black
Justice Incarnate
Invasion of Justice
Veil of Justice
Dream Works
From the Ashes

Louann Carroll
Gemini Rising
Journeys: The Adventures of Leaf 

Leanore Elliott
The Soul Trilogy 
The Beast Trilogy

Soul Sacrifice
Soul Betrayal

Karen Fuller
Courting the Darkness
The End Brings New Beginnings

Quinn Keitt
Crimson Stained

Amy Lane
Keeping Promise Rock
Vulnerable: First book of the Little Goddess series
Wounded: Second book of the Little Goddess series
Bound: Third book of the Little Goddess series
Bitter Moon I: Triane's Son Ascending
Bitter Moon II: Triane's Son Reigning 
Making Promises
Truth in the Dark
If I Must
Litha's Constant Whim
Bewitched by Bella's Daughter

Rae Lori
A Kiss of Ashen Twilight
Uthiel's Embrace
Within the Shadows of Mortals
A Feast of Shadows

Calvin A. L. Miller II
Het Madden, A Zombie Perspective
Undead Nation

T.L. Mitchell
Dark of kNight 
Fall of kNight

Marianne Morea
Hunters Blood 

Karen Nilsen
The Witch Awakening

Melanie Nowak

Fatal Infatuation: Almost Human the first trilogy (volume 1)
Lost Reflections: Almost Human the first trilogy (volume 2)
Evolving Ecstasy: Almost Human the first trilogy (volume 3) 
Born to Blood: Almost Human the second trilogy (volume 1)

Lisa Phillips
Obsession Everlasting
Knight Everlasting 

Tamela Quijas
Blood Moon
Blood of the Beast
Angel's Fire, Demon's Blood
My Lord Raven (aka Dante's Lady)

Jude Stephens
Scent of a Vampire
Touch of a Vampire
Motel Desire

E.J. Stevens
From the Shadows
Shadows of Myth and Legend
She Smells the Dead 

Kolina Topel
Royal Blood

Andrew Valentine
Bitter Things

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